NJ, NY & CT Swallow Control, Removal Or Deterrent Solutions

Swallow Removal & ControlBarn Swallows and Cliff Swallows are often seen as a nuisance bird in and around suburban as well as urban areas. This is due to their constant building of mud nests, dropping buildups and gradual defacement of residential or commercial properties throughout New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. Birds Beware Inc has over twenty years of experience dealing with humane Swallow control, removal and they’re corresponding deterrent systems.You can always count on us to provide you with fair pricing, effective solutions fit to your needs and the highest priority in your satisfaction.

Residential Swallow Removal, Control & Deterrent Solutions

You don’t want to have a Swallow flock hanging around outside your home. They will build mud nests and gradually deface your property making it look unattractive and unsightly. Swallow feces also end up covering the exterior of your home’s siding, paneling, or brickwork. This will surely be something you don’t want neighbors and other passerby’s to see. Birds Beware Inc will work with you to devise the best possible Swallow deterrent to keep them off your home’s property for the future.

Commercial Swallow Removal, Control & Deterrent Solutions

One of the easiest ways to ruin your company’s image is to ignore a Swallow flock problem on your commercial property. They will create mud nests, buildup droppings and drive other pests into you’re building or storefront. At Birds Beware Inc, we specialize in commercial swallow control and removal services. Our technicians will work with you to create a customized bird deterrent solution fit to you’re building’s layout or architectural needs. We also provide complete cleanup services in the event of Swallow dropping buildup over signage, awnings, or roofing.

Damage And Disease from Swallows

Like many other species of birds we combat daily, Swallows are carriers of some pretty awful human transmittable diseases. These include West Nile Fever, Encephalitis, pseudomoniasis, and salmonellosis. They also carry fungal disease of which the most dangerous is hystoplasmosis. These are all deadly diseases and can spread from a variety of sources. For example, Swallows build nests over or inside air ducts leading directly into you’re building. If the air you breath is contaminated by these particles, your health could take a turn for the worse.The damage done to exterior structures is indisputable. Swallows build mud nests leaving behind twigs, grass, moss, straw, sticks and many other elements behind. They also have no problem letting their droppings or dead hatchlings build up over time. The droppings are acidic and will eventually damage, stain or burn through some of toughest exterior materials you’ve got including roofing, awnings, and other areas.

Swallow Reproduction & Habitat

Swallows may lay four to five red spotted eggs with an incubation time of about fourteen to nineteen days. The female usually does all of the incubation while the male’s happen to be very aggressive. They are even known to kill other Male Swallows in the hopes of finding a female to mate with. Most swallows only live an average of four years.Once a safe site has been selected, the male and female Swallows will simultaneously build the nest. The materials are usually found as little as 100 feet away from the nesting site and include mud, grass, algae, grass and other soft materials. The nest is reused over and over until the Swallows’ broods have reached adulthood.

Our Swallow Deterrent Solutions

Structural anti-perching Swallow deterrents are something we specialize in and have over twenty years of experience with. We have installed these systems on just about every type of structure imaginable throughout NJ, NY and CT. Luckily for our customers, there is a pretty large selection of options that will fit any preference you have. Some of our bird deterrent systems are more affordable while others may appeal to the image conscious. Our superior knowledge in the field will help us identify your bird problem quickly and deploy a solution that fits your personal preferences accordingly.

Swallow Bird Spikes

bird spikes 6Prevent destruction from annoying Swallows and other birds today with our Bird spike system. It’s a cost-effective, maintenance free way to keep Swallows from resting on your residential or commercial property. With a wide selection of materials such as transparent or stainless steel, we can select the appropriate Spike system just for you. Swallows are constantly looking for flat, even surfaces to land and nest on. With a spike system in place, they’ll be forced to go elsewhere.

Swallow Bird Netting Installations

bird netting 8Looking to protect trees, gardens, farm land or other large open areas that may contain items of value? Then Swallow netting is the right choice. We primarily use netting to deter Swallows and other birds from developing nests, roosting or resting. Our nets are installed and designed to provide 100% exclusion from Swallows. We can customize the size of the netting to the exact specifications you’re building or home requires. It is safe, effective and affordable.

shock track 2Swallow Shock Track System Installations

Made from PVC and stainless steel, a shock track is designed to send out an electric pulse or jolt every two to three-seconds. When a Swallow lands, they’ll receive a painful yet perfectly harmless jolt which will teach them not to come back in the future. It’s virtually invisible and hard to see even in close-up scenarios. We can match the coloring with you’re existing home or building’s facade matching it with your aesthetically pleasing preferences. This is by far one of the most low-profile bird deterrent systems we install.

Swallow Bird Wire Installations

We use a virtually invisible nylon-coated wire held together by two stainless steel rods and supported by a spring system. Swallows won’t be able to balance properly on this bird wire system because it’s built to cause unbalance. When they land, it will be simply not firm enough to nest, roost or flock to. This in—turn will send Swallows away from your property. What our installers like about Bird wire is that it’s virtually invisible from far distances, highly customizable in relation to you’re building or home’s architecture, and of course; effective.

OvoControl Flock Management

For our customers that have sites with large application scopes, an OvoControl Flock Management system might be a great option or addition to an existing Swallow deterrent setup. Our technicians at Birds Beware Inc will inspect the area and determine how much equipment you’ll need. When we say, “Equipment”, we man an automated bait feeding machine. These affordable pieces of equipment will automatically disperse OvoControl bait to Swallows any other type of Bird that won’t stop coming back. It’s environmentally friendly, non-toxic and doesn’t actually harm the birds. The goal here is to simply reduce local bird population in numbers. The bait will eventually make the eggs of the swallows unable to hatch therefore cutting down on future flock problems. It’s efficient and highly affordable.

Swallow Dropping Cleanup & Power-Washing

Power-washing and cleanup services are an absolute necessity when it comes to bird Swallow flock control and removal. You’ve got to remember that they’re nests and droppings are toxic, acidic and are capable of spreading disease. We’ve unfortunately seen many building structural exteriors, awnings and signage degrade over time because the property owner refused to clean up.We use high pressure power washing combined with eco-friendly deodorizing agents and good old-fashioned scrubbing to clean up even the worst dropping build ups you may have. This will be necessary before any type of deterrent installation is setup and you’ll be all the better for it!

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