Canada geese Control Emergency Services in New Jersey

Canada geese are among the most easily recognized birds in New Jersey. Their black neck and head, white chin strap, and large size (up to 12 pounds) separate it from other waterfowl. Unfortunately, they are also pests. They damage crops and lawns simply by eating the vegetation, and their feces damage property and can transmit disease. Canada geese have also sometimes been involved in bird-aircraft strikes, and they can be aggressive.

Legal Matters

While Canada geese are now often pests, they were once an endangered species. Habitat loss and overhunting during the 19th and early 20th centuries saw a drastic decline in their numbers. Although the IUCN now lists them as a species of “least concern,” they are still protected under the Migratory Bird Act of 1918 and other federal and state laws. The US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife (NJDFW) manage Canada goose populations within the state. Consequently, anybody who wants to catch or relocate a Canada goose or handle its nest and/or eggs will need to get the appropriate permit first. Similarly, people who want to hunt Canada geese will need a hunting license, and they will need to hunt during the legal seasons.

Harassment Techniques

There are many possible ways to reduce the numbers of Canada geese in a given area. A few don’t require any special permits. These are mostly passive deterrents like coyote or dog decoys to scare the geese off. Unfortunately, they only work for a short time.People may also use more active harassment techniques like shooting off pyrotechnics or propane cannons. They can also use horns or recordings of geese distress calls to scare off the geese. These methods work best if the geese have just arrived in the area, but their effects can be temporary. In addition, many areas forbid the use of such devices, which means the homeowner has to consult the police or other local authorities beforehand.

Canada Geese Control Emergency Solutions

Calling Canada Geese Control Emergency Services is the best option for many reasons. Animal removal services already have all of the needed permits to handle Canada geese. They also have a variety of methods at their disposal, and they can pick the best one depending on the situation and time of year.For example, capturing and relocating the geese is easiest during the early summer, for the geese are molting and can’t fly. Geese can be captured by hand or with various nets and traps. They can then be relocated or euthanized.If the geese are nesting, there are ways to prevent the eggs from hatching and thus keep the flock from getting any bigger. Destroying or removing the eggs outright won’t work, for the mother goose will simply lay another clutch. Oiling the egg clogs up the pores and prevents oxygen from reaching the developing gosling. Puncturing or addling the egg damages the yolk and keeps the egg from hatching. The mother goose will continue incubating such damaged eggs for the rest of the nesting season.Geese removal services will also remove any dead geese on the property, and they can help make the property less attractive to geese. A chemical called “turf taste repellent”, for example makes the grass taste like grapes – and geese hate the flavor. Installing nets in a pond will keep the geese from landing there in the first place.Do you have a problem with Canada geese? Call us today. We have been in business for years and have all of the necessary permits, so we can tackle your Canada geese problem today.

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