Sparrow Control, Removal & Deterrent Solutions In New Jersey, New York or Connecticut

sparrow controlIn need of a specialized company to help evict Sparrows from your home or commercial property? Well, look no further, Birds Beware Inc are leaders in the field of Sparrow removal or control. We operate throughout the entire New Jersey Tri-State area including New York and Connecticut. Our friendly, professional staff have over twenty years experience when it comes to Sparrow exclusion and deterrent methods. So rest assured, if there’s a problem, we’ve got a solution for you.

Residential Sparrow Removal, Control & Deterrent Solutions

Sparrows may seem like peaceful creatures from a distance but once they find a place to flock, nest and roost, the real problems begin to occur. As a homeowner you’ll have to deal with endless Sparrow droppings, feathers, twigs, straw and other parasites that mingle within Sparrow nests. When isolated, they are a thing of beauty, but when in groups they are nothing but trouble. Like many homeowners you probably take pride in the upkeep of your residential property. At Birds Beware Inc, we have all the latest equipment and experience necessary to humanely remove any Sparrow flock living at your quarters.

Commercial Sparrow Removal, Control & Deterrent Solutions

It’s one thing to deal with a Sparrow infestation at your home, but an entirely different situation when it involves your business or commercial property. Birds Beware Inc has been providing storefronts, commercial, and industrial properties of all kinds with Sparrow removal, control or deterrent solutions for the better part of twenty years. Sparrows are a liability for quite a few reasons. Chief among them is the fact that they’re a constant eye sore for customers and employees. They’ll rest along the ledges of your rooftop or awning all day while defecating without a care in the world. Did you happen to realize that their droppings are acidic? That’s right, they’re powerful enough to burn through roofing material, awnings and even signage. Birds Beware Inc is more than capable of removing any existing Sparrow population for your business through a wide array of deterrent options we have available. Our team also specialize in the cleaning and deodorizing of bird droppings, this way we can have your business image looking squeaky clean; the way it should!

Damage And Disease Caused By Sparrows

Sparrow droppings will build up if left untreated and eventually burn through even the toughest materials. We have been on rooftops and seen roofing material destroyed, commercial HVAC equipment damaged and air ducts blocked or covered in nesting material. None of these are positive factors. Especially when you consider that your employees are breathing in contaminated air that could possibly spread disease. Sparrows have been known to spread over 60 human transmittable diseases. The most commonly known include:

  1. Histoplasmosis
  2. Candidiasis
  3. Cryptococcosis
  4. Louis Encephalitis
  5. Salmonellosis
  6. coli.

It’s very important that you do a routine check if you happen to spot any Sparrows or other types of birds Gathering along your rooftop, awnings, or ledges. The damage they cause may seem subtle because it takes time. However, once the situation has gotten out of control, there could be serious consequences that could affect your financial bottom line.

Sparrow Reproduction & Habitat

When it comes to reproduction for Sparrows, up to four broods will be raised per season. This usually begins during the spring and summer months. However, nesting and roosting occurs year round. Sparrows typically build they’re nests in places they feel safe raising their young including high branches in trees, birdhouses, ledges, windowsills and more.Sparrows build their nests out of straw, grass, twigs, paper and leaves. The inside is usually lined with feather or grass for the four to seven eggs that commonly hatch about a week after the nest is created. The eggs are a dull white color with brown speckled spots.

Our Sparrow Deterrent Solutions

We have a variety of solutions available to any type of property owner for just about every situation out there. With over 20 years experience, Birds Beware Inc has build Sparrow deterrent systems for just about every type of architecture that exists. We can can custom budget and custom tweak any system to your desire.

Sparrow Bird Spikes

Don’t worry about whether or not this will harm the Sparrows. It may sound scary but it’s not. Sparrow spikes will simply give your birds the indication that your ledge or rooftop or awning is not the place to land and rest. Sparrows will only flock to spots that have flat even surfaces anyway, so spikes do a very efficient job of keeping them away.

Sparrow Netting Installation

bird netting 8For larger more sophisticated surroundings and for those that have locations, equipment or products to protect, our netting solutions are fantastic. We can custom size Sparrow netting to your preference and install it practically anywhere. This could be underneath gutters, between buildings, below ledges and more. We have been known to install Bird Netting for warehouses, arenas, commercial buildings and other large properties. If you operate a farm and need to protect produce, this is also an excellent solution and will keep Sparrows away.

Sparrow Shock Track Installations

Don’t worry, it’s not as harmful as it seems. Though highly effective, Sparrow Bird Shock Track is for the image conscious property owner that wants no one to see any type of Sparrow deterrent system on his or her property. This is a low-profile deterrent and it works exactly as intended. When Sparrows attempt to land, they’ll be given a slight jolt which is not painful or harmful. It simply sends them a very direct message that “this is not the place to roost, nest or flock.”

Sparrow Bird Wire Installation

Another great low-profile Sparrow deterrent is our Bird Wire system. Our staff will install bird wire across any surface you have which is attracting Sparrows. It works great because the system is based on balance. Birds enjoy flat, even surfaces. When Sparrows attempt to land on your wire, they won’t be able to perch up properly and will fly away in search of a sturdier place to flock. We install it using steel wire and steel beams backed up by a spring system which creates the “tension” or unease.

OvoControl Flock Management

A modern alternative to traditional Sparrow deterrent systems, OvoControl Flock Management is a great tool we use as either an addition to an existing system or a stand alone solution. It’s also based on your preferences and our recommendation. Here’s how it works. We setup a OvoControl Bait dispersement machine on your rooftop which will automatically feed your Sparrow population non-toxic, non-lethal bait. This bait is simply designed to prevent hatching of Sparrow eggs; Therefore, lowering the local Sparrow population down to a minimum.

Sparrow Dropping Cleanup & Power-Washing

Usually when we receive calls regarding Sparrow flocks that won’t leave, there is also a giant mess to be cleaned up. Since Sparrow droppings are corrosive to building materials and carry pathogens which are transmittable to humans, we always recommend our full proof cleaning services.Our staff of trained specialists will not only remove any excess Sparrow droppings, but we will also deodorize the entire area. This is important for getting rid of bacteria, parasites and all the other nastiness involved. Birds Beware Inc will get your rooftops or awnings looking brand new!

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