NJ, NYC & CT Pigeon Control, Removal & Deterrent Solutions

pigeon removalGenerally we have an affection for birds, but pigeons are natural pests and the health risks they carry are not to be underestimated. People who would never put up with rats living in their home would not notice pigeons living in their roof rafters. Pigeon droppings are as much a concern as the pigeons themselves. On average, a well-fed pigeon deposits 25 pounds of droppings a year. Pigeon feces are unsightly and can damage buildings, vehicles, trees, shrubs, lawns, benches and park fountains.Pigeons have no natural enemies in urban areas and reproduce quickly. Pigeon overpopulation can lead to increased property damage and higher disease rates among pigeons. Accumulated bird debris may attract mice, rats, flies, and many other uwanted pests in your residential or commercial establishment. Birds Beware Inc specializes in the humane removal and control of pigeons across New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.Pigeons are a common sight in our landscapes,having lived alongside us for thousands of years, completely at home in urban environments. They are not just a major sanitary problem for property owners and business owners but are also known to be the ultimate disease-carrier, harboring the capability to spread a huge variety of diseases to both humans and other birds and animals, therefore being hazardous to our health. The average flock of urban pigeons are known to reproduce starting at 6 months of age ,all year round with peak breeding periods in spring and summer. With a life span varying from 3-5 years all the way up to 15 years, you can see the need for control of this species’ population. Additionally urban flocks are now growing faster than ever due to the availability of food and population increases. Good roosting and breeding facilities also play their part. The main significance for human health is that birds could be the source of new strains of influenza virus.

Residential Pigeon Removal, Control & Deterrent Solutions

pigeon droppingsBirds Beware Inc specializes in complete Pigeon control and removal solutions for any residential property throughout New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. Pigeons flock in large numbers and they can present a high health risk to those living in your home which is often preventable provided, the problem is dealt with accordingly. Our effective home pigeon control approach, involves research into all of the needs of our residential customers’ properties and in depth knowledge of the birds involved. To begin with, it’s import you know that Pigeons roost and build nests during the day while resting at night. When we plan a residential Pigeon removal project for your home, our technicians will inspect every area we spot them resting as well as the areas we find nests. This is the best way to get down to the root of the problem and devise a proper strategy.Our methods of dealing with residential Pigeon control in NJ, NY or CT are mechanical exclusion, trapping, baiting, and other deterrents. The technicians at Birds Beware Inc are highly knowledgeable of the general habits of Pigeons. On residential structures, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of options for Pigeon deterrents depending on your personal preference. All of our Pigeon control or removal solutions for your home are completely humane, safe, and reliable.

Commercial Pigeon Removal, Control & Detterent Solutions

We’d have to say that commercial properties happen to have the biggest problem with Pigeons. Whether it’s the accumulation of droppings or flocks just hanging around, they tend to wreak plenty of unwanted havoc over time. When we inspect your commercial property, we’ll go by three unique variables to devise the perfect solution to keep the Pigeons away. These include the architecture or style of you’re building, the size of the infestation and your aesthetic preferences. We don’t subcontract any work so you don’t have to worry about paying out a middleman. Birds Beware Inc is a fully insured company with over 20 years of experience combatting the rising Pigeon problem in the New Jersey Tri-State area.On commercial properties, our technicians will inspect every angle and area; not just the spots where nests have been found. This is to ensure that, they simply don’t flock to a different section of your roofing or signage once we install a deterrent. Depending on the severity of the flock, we provide a number of different options for Pigeon Deterrents. All have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. However, we’re usually always able to find the perfect deterrent that can be customized to your company’s signage or building roofing.

Damage And Disease from Pigeons

The droppings from pigeons are extremly acidic and given enough time, will eat through even some of the toughest materials out there. To be specific, think of your rooftop. Then imagine the amount it will cost to replace the roof or re-line it in case of collapse. This has been known to happen in the past, especially when Pigeon droppings aren’t cleaned up or flocks hang around continously. So, property damage is something that you should be concerned with when it comes to Pigeons. They’re presence will effect your financial bottom line if left untreated.We’ve all heard of Avian Flu, but there’s so much more to be worried about. Pigeons can transmit over 60 unique diseases to humans and this isn’t counting the parasites that live in their nests which can infest your home or business. Some of the most common and dangerous include:

  1. Histoplasmosis
  2. Candidiasis
  3. Cryptococcosis
  4. Louis Encephalitis
  5. Salmonellosis
  6. coli.

Aside from these dangerous diseases, Pigeons are frequently associated as being carriers of over fifty different types of ectoparasites. These can and will spread from a Pigeon’s nest into your home or building’s structure and could end up becoming a much larger problem.

Pigeon Reproduction & Habitat

Although Pigeons breed year round, their peak season for reproduction are during the warmer months of thee year (Spring and Summer). Pairs of pigeons are monogamous, so far as long as they survive, they’ll attempt to raise several different broods annually. As many as four to five broods are raised each year on average.When it comes to nesting, Pigeons will flock in areas where they feel safe. You can find nests on rooftops, ledges, in trees, stairwells, rain gutters, under bridges and many more locations. Their nests typically consist of a flimsy platform of sticks, stems and straws. Pigeons aren’t very clean birds either. Over time, nests will become larger and more clay-like in appearance because they don’t carry away their feces. They reuse the same nest over and over.

Our Pigeon Deterrent Solutions

Disersing of Pigeons can be a difficult proposition, but the experts at Bird Beware Inc have over twenty years of experience specific to Pigeon control or removal. Our methods are completely humane and in line with the laws of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. We also pride ourselves on being able to provide residential or commercial customers with completely environmentally friendly solutions. You’ll be happy to know that depending on your situation, we have an entire array of solutions available and will design a deterrent system customized to your needs.

Pigeon Spikes Installation

Our Pigeon spikes are simple and easy to install as well as maintain. They key objective is to place them along areas where Pigeons frequently flock. This might include your rooftop ledges, gutters, signage or other locations. Pigeons will not be able to land on these steel spikes nor will they want to. It’s a simple solution to a complex problem.

Pigeon Netting Installation

For some of our larger commercial customers, we may recommend the installation of Pigeon netting. This is useful for large open spaces where other deterrents may not prove to be as effective. The netting will protect and keep Pigeons out. We have installed Pigeon netting underneath bridges, overpasses, warehouses and other properties with large open spaces. You can also look at this deterrent as a means of protecting products or other items that are valuable to you.

Pigeon Shock Track

Remember, Birds Beware Inc is a humane Pigeon control and removal company. We don’t want you to be put off by our shock track system. It’s not designed to hurt or kill Pigeons in any manner. When Pigeons land, it simply sends a slight jolt letting them know this is not an ideal place to land. Since Pigeons communicate and flock together, we trust the message will be well received by the others. Our Pigeon shock track installation services are ideal for clients that have a specific aesthetic requirement. If your looking for a solution where the deterrent is nearly invisible to your store’s customers or home’s visitors, then this is the solution for you.

Pigeon Wire Installations

With the combination of nylon-coated steel wire, stainless steel posts and springs, you’ve got a discreet, low profile Pigeon wire deterrent system in place. We typically install along roof ledges, exterior walls, pipes, or beams to keep Pigeons off your property. When they attempt to land, the uneasiness provided by the spring won’t allow them to maintain any type of balance, therefore making landing or flocking not possible. This is an affordable, effective solution for all types of residential and commercial properties.

OvoControl Pigeon Flock Management Services

Designed for use in urban areas with high Pigeon populations and buildings that attract large flocks, OvoControl is a modern, intelligent alternative toward reducing the Pigeon population and your own headaches. Let us explain how OvoControl systems work. Bird Beware Inc technicians will inspect your property and determine the severity of the Pigeon problem. Depending on how many Pigeons your property has a problem with, we’ll recommend a specific amount of automatic feeding machines. These will disperse OvoControl bait to Pigeons.Once the Pigeons begin to eat the dispersed bait, it will interfere with egg hatchability. Since no new Pigeons are hatching, you can expect a serious year over year decline in the nearby Pigeon population.

Pigeon Dropping Cleanup & Power-Washing

Pigeon droppings are not just unsightly for your business’s customers or home’s visitors, but they also carry disease and destroy infrastructure. The two main times we setup large scale cleaning projects of Pigeon droppings are when we are either preparing a Pigeon deterrent installation or called in to wash an existing issue.

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