Bird Pest Control

Birds are lovely creatures that we all love to meet in the wild, but they can be a nuisance when they turn your property into a nesting or foraging ground. They perch on your roof, perimeter wall, gutter, and balconies leaving behind ugly marks and droppings that stink. Do not worry about them anymore because you can control bird pests on your property using safe and effective deterrents.

Some of the Bird Deterrent Solutions We Have Available

Bird Spikes

A spike is bird deterrent device that discourage birds from landing on your property. They can be made of steel or plastic, but either variety will serve you well. Steel spikes are made of stainless steel and are almost invisible to humans. So you don’t have to worry that they will create ugly markings on your property. Meanwhile, plastic spikes are available in several colors such that you can choose one that blends with your property.Spikes are safe and do not pose any risk to native birds in your area. At the same time, they are very effective on birds because they warn them to keep off your roof or perimeter wall. Soon enough, birds in your area will know that your property is a hostile place and land elsewhere.Birds and Geese Beware is a local bird control company that provides hardy and durable spikes that are weather resistant. They will withstand harsh conditions and work in different climatic regions. We offer a variety of choices and provide fully-customized installations depending on a client’s needs. Bird spikes are most effective against pigeons.

Bird netting

Birds and Geese Beware prefers to use bird netting on commercial properties. Our bird pest control experts fabricate customized nets and install them strategically on your commercial or industrial properties so that pesky birds do not access specific areas. We have a wide variety of designs of different shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find that suits your property.Bird netting is an effective bird deterrent against nuisance birds that roost on your property. It is more effective than bird spikes because it blocks birds from flying into your property. Once you install a net round the perimeter wall and the roof, birds will not be able to come in and mess up your property.If you have a farm or a cherished garden where pest birds love to forage, we can install bird netting for you. Our bird control services include installing nets on parks, farms, open compounds, and gardens. The mesh prevents pest birds from destroying your crops. Once you have installed the net, you will have peace of mind. Your fruits and vegetables won’t have ugly perk marks when you go to harvest them. Bird netting is effective against all types of nuisance birds such as sparrows, starlings and swallows.

Electric bird pest control

Electric tracks are shocks that deter birds from roosting and nesting on your property. It may sound scary, but the shock track is just a mild electric jolt that discourages birds from landing on your property. Birds are very sensitive and will soon learn that your compound or business premises are not safe.Electric track systems are very effective against pest birds that roost and nest on the roof and other surfaces on your property. It can also help you kick out nesting birds that sneak into dark areas in your premises such as the attic and the basement. It prevents birds from staining and corroding your property with their acidic droppings. Nesting birds also attract a wide range of parasites such as fleas and mites that may bite people, causing irritation and allergies. Some also carry viral and bacterial diseases which can be transmitted to humans. A properly installed electric track will deter such birds from making your basement their home. It will also make your premises safe for the family.Bird electric deterrents are especially valuable for those who own commercial properties. Tenants love to run their businesses in safe and clean spaces. If the perimeter wall, roof and garage are covered with droppings and ugly stains left by roosting birds, tenants will look for vacant spaces elsewhere.And if you already have tenants in your premises, bird pests could cause you all manner of problems. For instance, contamination leading to food poisoning could attract legal liabilities. At the same time, the droppings can cause your roof and other areas to rust leading to an increase in maintenance costs.A bird shock system will take care of this problem by deterring birds from roosting on your property. We install rows of braided steel wire that cover important access areas so that birds receive a mild shock when they try to perch on your property. The main advantage of a shock system is that it is very discreet, so it won’t negatively impact the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Bird wire deterrents

A wire deterrent is a high tension bird control cable which is very unstable. It loses balance whenever a bird attempts to perch on it. After several failed attempts, birds give up and look for landing ground elsewhere. Our bird wire systems are made of steel coated with nylon for extra protection. They are connected to a post that keeps them firm even in extreme weather. We have different approaches to fixing the system depending on the type of property and the area that is prone to bird pests.Wire systems are effective for bird control on both commercial and residential properties. Our clients love bird wires because they are almost invisible to humans and have a range of applications. Our experienced technicians can install them on roof edges, beams, ridge tiles and pipes depending on the architecture of your premises.

Bird Control Near Me

If you are looking for bird control services in any parts of North East USA, Birds and Geese Beware is here to serve you. We are a local bird control company that serves clients in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. All you need is to do is inquire about bird control near me, and our experts will explain our range of bird control products.

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