Bird-Spikes Deterrent System Services in NJ, NYC & CT

Birds and Geese Beware are proud to offer bird spikes as an effective deterrent solution. We offer them in a variety of plastic and steel choices. While the stainless steel spikes are virtually invisible to the naked eye, we due offer a wide range of colors for plastic models.Rest assured, these won’t actually harm any of your local bird population. They are highly effective because they send a much needed signal that (this ledge, rooftop, gutter, etc.) is not a nice, flat place to land. Soon enough, your bird problem will disappear because they won’t be able to land on your home or commercial property any longer.

Residential Bird-Spike Installation Services in NJ, NYC & CT

Does your home have a consistent problem with un-wanted birds perching on your gutters or roof? We can help you out with this situation immediately with our humane, effective bird-spike solution. You’ll be happy to know that the spikes(materials) we use are highly weather resistant to the sun and other elements, are highly durable, and come in a variety of sizes. We can fully customize the installation for you depending on your needs. We offer a multi-color selection of plastic spikes and stainless steel if you’re looking to keep a very low-profile in the neighborhood.

Commercial Bird-Spike Installation Services in NJ, NYC & CT

In commercial or industrial settings, bird spikes are most effective when places outside of sheltered areas. These might include signage, the rooftop, ledges, metal beams and much more. In sheltered areas, we tend to use netting because over time, birds will begin to drop materials such as grass to nest over the spikes. In exposed areas, this is not a possibility. 

The Advantages of Bird-Spike Deterrents for Your Property

Besides being very effective at keeping the local pigeon, sparrow, swallow, starling and seagull population away, spikes are completely humane. This means that your method of keeping birds out won’t harm, injure or kill them. It will simply send a very strong message such as “Do Not Land or Plan to Roost Here”.  In terms of the elements, bird-spikes are incredible durable and weather resistant. This includes strong defenses against the scald from the sun or heat, rain, snow, ice, wind and much more.

Installation Benefits for Bird-Spikes

From our perspective, the installation end product is highly efficient and beneficial for our customers. We don’t just lay out one entire section of bird spikes and call it a day, sections are broken up evenly to allow for finer architectural details within your home or business. We even have specially made spikes that are installed by your gutters so as not to interrupt any process happening.Our technicians are careful to space out sections of bird spikes so that you’re residential or commercial property doesn’t end up trapping any debris. For anyone in the future that may be on the rooftop, our stainless steel spikes are “blunt tipped” to avoid any type of injury to a person working close-by.

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