Canada geese Control & Removal Services in Waretown, NJ

Throughout the state of New Jersey, one of the most commonly found wild animals are Canadian Geese. Near just about every body of water, you’ll likely find a dozen or more Canada Geese patrolling the water and surrounding land.What you may or may not be aware of is that Canada geese are highly territorial animals, and have frequently been known to attack people who come to close to them. And because Canada geese tend to congregate around or near to roads, sidewalks and other public places people tend to go, these acts of aggression are fairly common.While the idea of geese attacking might seem somewhat comical, a full-grown Canada Goose can weigh up to 15 pounds and is capable of delivering a painful bite with its beak. Geese protecting their territory have no problem charging an adult person and attacking relentlessly until they believe the ‘threat’ is over.The nuisance caused by Canada Geese extends beyond their aggressive nature. The average Canada Goose produces anywhere from one to one and a half pounds of feces every day. Over a short period of time, a pack of Canada Geese can make an area extremely unpleasant, covering the ground with mounds of their excrement.And those droppings aren’t just unsightly and foul smelling. Geese droppings can contain any of a number of bacterial strains that pose a danger to both humans and their pets. Some of the pathogens found in geese droppings include E Coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, Histoplasmosis. Infections caught from geese droppings can range from unpleasant to life-threatening, especially for young and older folks and those with compromised immune systems.Children and pets in particular are at risk of developing infections due to contact with geese droppings. Both are prone to picking up or handling the droppings while playing in yards, parks and other areas where geese congregate. And seniors too are more prone to developing illnesses due to exposure to geese droppings.If large populations of Canada Geese are congregating at or around your place of residence, it’s wise to consider using a professional Canada Geese control service to relocate those geese elsewhere. Your surroundings will be cleaner, healthier and nice looking, and you and your friends and loved ones won’t have to worry about aggressive geese potentially threatening or attacking you.

Canada geese Control Solutions for Senior Living Communities in Waretown, NJ

A Senior Living Community in particular has strong incentive to use a professional Canada Geese control service to rid themselves of geese. Senior populations can be more susceptible to illness and infection, and aggressive geese can pose a greater threat when it can potentially be the cause of someone losing their balance or falling down.New Jersey based Birds & Geese Beware, Inc. can offer senior living community goose control service to the greater Waretown NJ area. We use advanced and humane techniques to relocate Canada Geese and leave your environment pristine. If you’re in the Waretown NJ area and are struggling with Canada Geese populations, give us a call.

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