Property Damage Caused by Bird Droppings

You love to watch the birds flying through the sky, perched in a tree, or visiting a bird feeder. They are beautiful creatures. Unfortunately, they can also be a nuisance. If you have a large bird population or regular visitors at your home and business, costly damages can result. Bird control services from our local bird control company can assist you in bird pest control and bird deterrent options.

Birds Can Wreak Havoc on Your Property

Look out the window. Pigeons, swallows, starlings, and sparrows are some of the most common birds to make their presence known on your property. In some cases, you may find seagulls swooping in even though you are nowhere near the ocean. While they may be breathtaking while they are in flight, it’s another story when they damage your property. If birds are giving you a headache, you might start looking for bird control products. You need to be careful with any commercial products on the market. Do-it-yourself repellents could be hazardous. Turn to quality bird control near me from your local bird control company to find answers.

How Can Birds Damage Your Property?

Droppings are the main source of damage from birds. When a large population of birds perches on the roof of your building on a regular basis, you’ll see obvious consequences. Their droppings can stain your roofing material, they can fill your gutters, and penetrate through wooden surfaces, causing them to deteriorate. If you have umbrellas over your outdoor table or a fabric awning, the fabric can become ruined by the droppings left behind by your feathered friends. Droppings can also take a toll on car paint. If you are a business owner, bird droppings are the last thing you want all over your property. You could also find yourself dealing with cleaning fees when customers have damaged paint jobs on their vehicles. Most importantly, bird droppings could take away from the beauty of your home or business.

Bird Droppings Can Make You Ill

The property damage caused by bird droppings can be extensive, but there is another reason you should call in bird control. Bird droppings contain the potential for many diseases that can put you and others at risk. These diseases can be transmitted through the air. A walk to your garage or out the door could put you and others at risk of becoming ill. Bird control can help you to avoid the negative effects bird droppings can have on you, family, and friends. If you are a business owner, bird control near me can help you to protect your customers and staff.

How Can a Bird Pest Control Company Help You?

Here at Birds and Geese Beware, Inc. we focus on humane solutions to help homeowners and business owners with our tried and true bird control services. We’ll begin by assessing your property to see the extent of the damage, the type of bird population you have, and create an action plan that will work for you. Our main goal is to choose a safe bird deterrent that will keep the birds from taking over your property.

Deterrents are Effective Bird Control Services

Birds and Geese Beware, Inc. can offer you a wide range of services to take care of your bird dilemma. We can use deterrents, such as bird spikes. These spikes are made from plastic or stainless steel. We’ll install them on the surfaces on your property where birds have been making themselves at home. The roof is one of the most common areas. Bird spikes are humane. They will not hurt the birds in your area. However, they will keep birds away from an uncomfortable landing. Bird-netting and wiring are other options designed to send birds to more inviting locations. Netting and wiring keep them out of an area where you don’t want them to land. Electric shock-tracks are another option that can be installed in areas where birds tend to roost on your property. A low pulse of electricity is sent through the track. Think of it like the electric fences that surround pastures for farm animals. The shock is not enough to harm the birds. It is only intended to make them choose a new destination.

Bird Removal is Another Option

We may need to take a combination approach to handle your bird population problems. The process may begin with removal. We use safe, effective methods to bait and capture birds that are being a nuisance at your home or business. We’ll release the birds at a distant location. Our team will then devise a bird deterrent system that will keep the birds away. You won’t have to deal with droppings, nests, potential illnesses, and all the damage that can come with a flock of birds taking up residence on your property.

Let Us Take Care of Cleanup for You

Before our job is done, our team of professionals at Birds and Geese Beware, Inc. will make sure all signs of bird droppings are cleared away from your property. We will use a powerful pressure washer to make sure the surfaces of your buildings look clean once again. We’ll also use industrial-strength cleaning products that will eliminate bacteria as we sanitize the surfaces that have been contaminated by bird droppings. Let us help you to deal with birds who have outworn their welcome on your property. Birds and Geese Beware, Inc. is here to come up with a humane action plan that will let you take back your property.

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