Canada geese Laser Deterrents

Canada Geese create costly problems for a property owner in New Jersey. These large water birds can weigh up to fourteen pounds and have a wingspan of 4.2 feet to 6.1 feet. They are normally found near NJ lakes, ponds, rivers, and other large and small bodies of water. They eat submerged aquatic vegetation as well as crops like alfalfa, corn, millet, rye, barley, oats, and wheat.Canada goose control is necessary because they can quickly become a problem for a private property owner, farmers, golf course managers, and parks and recreation officials. Canada geese who migrate to New Jersey can often destroy lawns, fields, golf courses, and other property by eating valuable crops and leaving feces on the property. The damage to landscaping and lawns can be extensive because geese graze and can completely strip a yard bare. Their excrement can leave swimming areas, parks, docks, and even the patio of a home unfit for human use. Call our company for a way to humanely remove pesky geese with Canada geese laser deterrents.Frustrated property owners may resort to lethal options for removing geese from their property. However, there are more humane and environmentally friendly ways of Canada Goose control. There are scare techniques like placing flags around the property or floating fake alligator heads in a lake or pond. Placing fake owls and scarecrows around the property can also be utilized. However, geese are intelligent and they will quickly figure out that these fake predators are not truly a threat because they do not move around enough to be effective for long periods of time. Frightening noises can also scare off problem geese in NJ, but if the pond or golf course is in a noisy neighborhood, the geese will soon grow accustomed to the noise and it will no longer be effective. When the geese sense no other threat than a noise or a decoy predator they will return to their destruction of the property.One alternative that does not lose effectiveness is Canada geese Laser Deterrents. Lasers are a silent, humane, and environmentally friendly way to remove geese from a pond or field without the geese becoming desensitized to it like they do with other deterrents. Green laser beams are perceived by the geese as a threat when the laser is moved towards them. To avoid being hit by what they see as a predator, the geese will fly away. After repeated use in one New Jersey field, pond, or property the geese will see it as unsafe and eventually stay away from that area. Canada geese laser deterrents continue to be effective because the geese never become accustomed to their presence like they do predator decoys and loud noises. Call our company for more detailed information on laser deterrents for NJ Canada Geese control.It is important to plan ahead and control the goose problem when they are not mating or hatching goslings. Once the babies are hatched the geese will stick around for at least seventy days before the babies are ready to fly. Seventy days of grazing and producing excrement can cause considerable damage to a golf course, pond, park, crop field, or private property. It is important to call our company and incorporate the use of the laser deterrents before mating season begins.

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