Canada Geese Control Maintenance Programs

Canada Geese control maintenance programs can be a cost-effective way to manage Canada geese on a property. The process begins by identifying the site characteristics that make it most attractive to the geese. In New Jersey, the problem geese will usually settle in neighborhoods, golf courses, urban areas, or private property that provide water, security, food, and nesting sites. Maintenance plans help identify the potential for reducing these characteristics so that the geese no longer want to congregate at that particular site.Once Canada Geese have settled in a particular spot in New Jersey it can be difficult to make them move on. The presence of a few geese will attract more birds over time. Canada geese often return to the same nesting site year after year and will bring other geese with them. As the goose population grows so do the problems for the areas they are settling in. They become a nuisance because of the large amounts of droppings they produce. These droppings can become a health risk because they can carry Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria. Large amounts of droppings in a pond or lake can cause it to be unfit for humans to swim in. Geese also destroy landscaping and yards because they graze on new grass and vegetation.In urban areas or public places geese who become aggressive during mating and hatching season pose a threat to humans. These geese can feel threatened and will nip or bite at a human who gets too close.All of these issues can be avoided by implementing a Canada geese control maintenance program before the problem gets out of hand. Call our company for options. Maintenance programs usually begin with a site visit and assessment of the problem Recommendations are given based on the severity of the problem. Usually, several different methods of dispersal can be combined to effectively remove the problem. These methods will need to be repeated at least monthly and updated as needed.Removal techniques vary but include harassment of the geese by border collies or loud noises to entice them to leave the area. The landscape can be modified to be less appetizing to the geese. Visual barriers can be erected to separate the water supply from the grazing area. Geese generally want these two areas easily accessible. In urban areas like apartment complexes, the enforcement of a no feeding the waterfowl rule can help deter the geese. They will not leave if they know they will be fed on a daily basis. This strategy can be used on golf courses and public parks as well.Decoys of predators can also be used to scare the geese away. Another non-lethal environmentally friendly option is the use of lasers to move the geese along. They are scared of the green laser and see it as predatory.These techniques can be combined in a myriad of ways and their effectiveness checked at least monthly by our team of professionals to monitor progress. Call us today and let us help you with Canada Geese Control Maintenance Programs. We can assess your particular situation and help prepare a strategy that will be most effective for ridding you of you Canada goose problem. Whether it is through the use of noise deterrents, flags, decoy predators, or lasers, we will find the right combination to suit your specific needs.

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