Canada geese Control & Removal Services in Lakewood Township, NJ

Having an attractive Canada goose on your residential or commercial property might give you something fun to look at, but unfortunately, these types of birds tend to congregate into large flocks, and the birds also breed rapidly. In addition to blocking streets and sidewalks, the birds are noisy, making loud hissing and honking noises. An aggressive bird might attack a child, causing a serious injury, but the major problem from Canada geese is the waste from droppings and feathers.

The Droppings From Wild Birds are Harmful

This species of bird has become accustomed to humans, leading to having no fear of us, so you should contact a professional Canada geese control company for assistance with getting rid of the birds. Eliminating the geese on a Lakewood, NJ property can prevent contamination from bird droppings that contain dangerous bacteria and parasites. These droppings will stain cement, wood or stone materials, and if you walk on the droppings, then it will collect on your shoes.

Eliminate Birds without Harming the Animals

The disgusting droppings from a goose will contaminate the water in a pond or fountain, making it smell bad and staining the surrounding area. The good news is that there are ways to control the Canada geese population without harming the birds. While many companies control pests, the technicians are not experts in controlling Canada geese with a variety of methods. While property owners will accept certain types of extermination methods for rodents or insects, they do not want to harm the wild birds that live in New Jersey.

Providing Canada Geese Control Services at Lakewood Township, NJ Senior Living Communities

When a senior living community in New Jersey has a pond or a park, Canada geese may invade the region, but it is essential to get rid of these birds. A Canada goose is often aggressive, chasing after someone while it hisses and honks. This is a dangerous situation for older individuals who can’t scurry away from the threatening birds. In addition, these birds leave a lot of slippery droppings on the sidewalks or grass, and this is a potential hazard for infirm senior citizens who are walking on the surfaces.

How Do We Provide Professional Canada Geese Control?

Birds and Geese Beware Inc., offers a variety of safe ways to eliminate the birds on a commercial or residential property along with preventing a new infestation of geese. Here are some of the most common methods used by our technicians to control the geese on your property:

  • Installation of nets
  • Installation of spikes
  • Installation of electrical shock wires
  • Keeping geese away with trained dogs
  • Egg addling to control the population of geese
  • Relocating geese to a less populated region
  • Hazing geese with loud noises or bright lights

Property owners and managers can contact us for routine or emergency services to control small or large populations of Canada geese at public parks, businesses, homes or a senior living community in New Jersey.Areas We Provide Service for:

  • Greenville, NJ
  • Lake Carasaljo, NJ
  • Seven Stars and, NJ
  • South Lakewood, NJ
  • Leisure Village, NJ
  • Leisure Village East, NJ


  • Bronx, NY
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Queens County, NY
  • Staten Island, NY
  • Morris County, NJ
  • Ocean County, NJ
  • Mercer County, NJ
  • Manhattan, ny
  • Nassau County, ny
  • Suffolk County, ny
  • Westchester County, ny
  • Passaic County, NJ
  • Somerset County, NJ
  • Hunterdon County, NJ
  • Rockland County, NY
  • Fairfield County, CT
  • Bergen County, NJ
  • Essex County, NJ
  • Sussex County, NJ
  • Union County, NJ
  • Hudson County, NJ
  • Hunterdon County, NJ
  • Middlesex County, NJ
  • Monmouth County, NJ
  • Warren County, NJ
  • Orange County, NY

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