Canada geese Control in Princeton, NJ

When you see Canada geese roaming the skies of Princeton, NJ, your first question might be who let them come so far south – but your next question should be where to find the number for Birds and Geese Beware, Inc, a leading name in humane avian deterrence.Birds and Geese Beware have more than twenty years of experience in the industry, serving both residential areas and commercial locations with humane deterrents that keep your neighborhood free of droppings and destroyed flowerbeds. It’s illegal to physically harm a Canada goose and has been since the earliest 20th century, leading to an upsurge in their numbers and an overabundance of nesting flocks.They lack natural predators in the state of New Jersey, ensuring that their numbers rise at a steady rate and making them ever more populous – unlike many migratory avian species, Canada geese can alter their migratory patterns and form permanent nests in areas ranging from sheds to golf courses. In many cases, this makes them nearly impossible to remove.

Canada Geese Control Methods

Luckily, Birds and Geese Beware, Inc. utilize humane methods like scaring (or “hazing”) the flocks off with dogs and loud noises. Often, this is performed with the repetitive firing of blank shells to create an environment that the geese simply decide to leave on their own – when these methods fail, electric wire and laser deterrence systems are available for more substantial infestations.One Canada goose lays a single clutch of 2-8 eggs a year, meaning their flock sizes can balloon rapidly – for that reason, egg ‘addling’ (or destroying the embryo with chemical methods) has become another common service that Birds and Geese Beware offers.

Dangers of Canada Geese

Of course, this seems like a lot of trouble to go to for a flock of birds .. but any expert will tell you that these flocks are much more detrimental to their nesting grounds than one would expect. High quantities of Canada geese have been blamed for the spread of unpleasant bacterial diseases like e-coli and listeria, and in particular, tend to increase chances of infection on beaches and in New Jersey’s parks.Geese are also, as many residents trying to scare them off have learned, highly territorial – they’ll stand their ground and peck at humans who attempt to remove them from their nesting zone, which can lead to even more significant spreading of disease if they manage to successfully break the skin.

Canada geese Control & Removal for Senior Living Communities in Princeton, New Jersey

The Princeton area specifically is home to several senior living communities that have had previous issues with nonmigratory Canadian geese – these geese are a common danger to senior citizens through both their aggressive nature and the diseases they spread. Even the most well-kept senior living community is especially susceptible to Canadian geese because of their wide open spaces and well-maintained groundskeeping, which means that Birds and Geese Beware twenty-plus years in the industry have dealt with plenty of these specific issues – we proudly offer our services in deterring these pesky flocks in both large communities and small residential neighborhoods.

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