Canada geese control in Farmingdale, NJ

If you run a senior living community in Farmingdale NJ, you need to do everything you can to protect your residents. One of the most poorly understood of these protective measures is Canada geese control. While your residents may enjoy viewing these geese, they are more trouble than they are worth.As a result, it is critical to know why goose control is such an essential method of protecting your seniors. You also need to understand how Canada geese control operates and the many ways it will protect your New Jersey senior living community from dangers such as angry geese and even many diseases.

Geese are Very Gross Animals

Few people truly understand how gross and unpleasant geese are for a community. For example, a senior center that is infested with a goose problem may experience a multitude of issues. Geese are very territorial and aggressive animals and may attack your seniors if they get too close. While they won’t do much physical damage with their attacks, they may startle seniors and cause them to fall. Even worse, they may trigger cardiac arrest.Even worse, geese are very cavalier about where they put their waste. Anyone who has walked through geese-infested areas of Farmingdale NJ understands this problem. Geese poop and urine is often very acidic and dangerous for your residents if they slip in it. Even worse, New Jersey geese are often infested with a variety of diseases that your residents can’t afford to catch.

Disease Infest Many Geese

Like many types of birds, geese carry a large number of diseases. For example, many New Jersey geese carry parasites, such as toxoplasmosis, giardia, and cryptosporidium. These parasites will gladly infect your senior citizens and make their lives miserable. They can cause diarrhea and other types of infection. In older individuals with weaker immune systems, this can be a real threat to their health.However, geese also contain e-coli, salmonella, chlamydiosis, avian influenza, and various types of fungi. A senior exposed to these dangers can develop a multitude of diseases, such as pneumonia. Late in life, these infections are often life-threatening and may also put you in a dangerous legal situation. If you neglected to take care of your goose problem and a resident died as a result, you may be sued.

Treatment Protects Your Seniors and Your Facility

High-quality lawn treatment provides safe and healthy ways of getting geese out of your senior center. For example, each animal may be safely trapped and relocated to keep your facility safe. After that step, safe lawn treatments will be applied that drive geese away from your lawn.Repeated applications of these treatments will ensure that geese never return to your senior center. In this way, you can keep your lawn looking great and prevent geese-related accidents from impacting your senior.

Don’t Hesitate to Get Treatment Today

So if you are concerned about your Farmingdale NJ senior living community suffering from this issue, don’t hesitate to get Canada geese control right away. These measures will drive geese away from your center and ensure that they don’t annoy or threaten your residents in any way.

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