Seagull or Seabird Control & Removal Services

We do not consider any type of bird a pest. However, these birds tend to become a nuisance over time; their droppings corrode the surfaces of our roofs and window panes. We also want to maintain our lawns throughout the year; these bird’s droppings make a mess of our treasured house landscaping. Moreover, the droppings carry bacteria that may be harmful to us; and they can cause diseases like tuberculosis, flu, Lyme disease, and paratyphoid.Bird flocks always have nesting grounds; these nests attract pests such as mites, ticks, lice and fleas. These pests make controlling birds necessary in areas, such as New Jersey, that have an abundance of native birds. The local bird control company, Birds and Geese Beware Inc., provides these bird control services in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut; the North East of the united states of America.The local bird control Company, Birds and Geese Beware Inc., is an expert provider of bird control services for Seagulls – Seabirds. This specialization is inspired by the large seagull flocks that we find on the beaches of New Jersey. We rarely enjoy seabirds interrupting our tan sessions. For instance, I often wondered how I could reach bird control near me. However, the mistake we make is feeding the birds; no wonder these birds never leave our beaches.

Seagull Control

Birds that congregate around the beach are a constant nuisance for most of us that love the quiet walks on the beach. These birds are particularly aggressive because they are in constant search of food. I used to witness these birds fly up and land frequently. I thought it was their form of beach football. I only recently found out that my beach friends throw clams up in the air to break them for meat. Their aggressive nature and intelligence have no bounds.Despite the constant reminder to not pollute our beaches, most of us beachgoers, leave our leftover meals on the seashore. Seagulls are more than happy to come across this food; we know how large the portions are in New Jersey. The scraps that we leave behind on the beach supplement the seabird prey that is hard to find. In a way, we are the reason there are seagulls on our beaches. But all is not lost, there are efficient seagull control services that Birds and Geese Beware Inc. provides. These include:

Overhead Wire-Grid Systems

The seagull-seabird wire-grid deterrent system is recommended by the US Department of Agriculture, as a non-harmful and effective bird deterrent system, for docks, roofs and flat surfaces. Wire-grids prevent seagulls from landing on flat surfaces, especially, when they are nesting, roosting and eventually dropping their shells. This bird deterrent system gives us the instant solution we desire. The seagulls will cease to land on our roofs, docks and other flat surfaces around our homes after we install the wire-grid.The wire–grid is an array of metals made of nylon-coated stainless steel. These wires can endure the harsh weather. They are supported by aluminum poles on the roofs and by aluminum brackets on the docks and other surfaces. The effectiveness of the grid comes from limiting the seagull landing on our commercial buildings and homes. The seagulls, unlike land birds, require large spaces to land and fly away. Reducing and deterring their possibility of landing keeps them off entirely.

The Advantages of the Wire-Grid Seabird Deterrent System

Firstly, grid-wires offer an instant and permanent solution to seagull bird’s control. It is not all solutions we receive, are long-term; to find such an efficient way to do away with seagulls is God-given. The cost of jumping from one solution to another is something we all abhor.Secondly, the grid-wire comes with a minimum of 5years-guarantee. Despite being sturdy, the grid might encounter damage from minor accidents. Because of the guarantee; the providers of bird control products will replace the grid-wire for us at no cost.Thirdly, the grids are made of stainless steel and then covered with nylon. The nylon prevents any stability when birds land on it; they are most likely to fly away immediately. The stainless steel is also rust-resistant; making it the best suited for the humid environment in which seabird flocks are abundant. Furthermore, the fitted aluminum brackets and poles used to support the grids are also rust-resistant.Fourthly, it is a very safe form of bird deterrence. The grid is not in any way harmful to a bird; it is unlikely that a bird will die due to landing on the wire-grids. Our desire is only to remove the birds. We also want to make sure they are not harmed; by any of our bird control products.Last but not least, the fifth advantage of the wire-grid system is its versatility. As mentioned earlier, the wire-grid can fit on roofs, water decks, pool areas and any other flat surface; if we require a human-size-accommodating grid, the company makes it so.

Bird Netting

Seagulls have adapted to our routines over the years of observation. Unfortunately, you can find seagulls in commercial buildings that are not very close to a water body. Netting is preferred for this structure because it is affordable and neat than any other method. The method is only for specific bird problems such as roosting in the parking lot of an office building. Netting blocks the birds’ access points. This method is most effective in gardens, farms, plantations and parks.In conclusion, bird control is a form of bird pest control in the long run. Pest control is an essential skill for farmers as well as gardeners, and bird pest control is a step towards that goal. I have always wondered what the most effective company for bird control near me was until I came across Birds and Geese Beware Inc.; it is the leading bird control company in New Jersey and the entire North East of the US. This company is celebrated for harmless bird control procedures; harming or killing birds is never the goal.

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