Bird Wire Deterrent System Services in NJ, NYC & CT

Have an issue with birds roosting and making a permanent home of your building’s rooftop? Rest easy, we can provide you with an excellent defense system to keep those birds away. Bird wire deterrent systems are a very necessary step in preventing nesting from happening in the first place. They can be applied in practically any type of commercial or residential establishment.

Why Bird Wire Is Useful as a Deterrent

Our wiring deterrent systems are completely effective at preventing birds from landing on your building’s ledges. Our experienced installers will setup a spring-tensioned wire system which is inherently unstable from the onset. When birds attempt to land, they won’t be able to perch due to the lack of support and will inevitably fly away.

What Bird Wire Deterrents Are Made Up Of

Bird deterrent wire is made up of nylon coated steel in addition to stainless steel posts. The posts are what keep the wire together and firm. These materials can stand the test of time, weather and more importantly; your bird problem. Depending on your property’s guidelines, we have a number of different ways of securing posts to your rooftop ledges.  Depending on the scenario, our technicians could use glued-on bases, screws, or railing clamps.

Where We Install Bird Wire

Our technicians will usually recommend bird wire for buildings with long, exposed ledges and for clients looks for a discreet deterrent system. The most common areas we provide installation include:

  • Roof Ledges
  • Roof Edges
  • Ridge Tiles
  • Parapets
  • balustrades
  • Beams
  • Pipes

Advantages of Bird Deterrent Wire Systems

Clients love wiring because it allows them to keep birds out without any unsightly deterrent systems in place. Bird wire is very discreet and almost invisible to the naked eye. There is also a very wide array of application flexibility when it comes to building architecture. Installations can be custom fitted in almost any environment on a rooftop.Our Bird Wiring systems are also GSA Approved for use within historical buildings. They are also approved for usage on federal, state and other municipality buildings. 

Residential Bird-Wire Deterrent Systems Installation

Do you have an extra family of birds living with you on your home’s roof that just won’t fly away? Don’t panic, we’ve got the solution. Bird wire is an excellent, discreet and highly effective way to keep birds away from your home. You won’t have to worry about the constant influx of droppings, feathers, or noise anymore. We’ll install a spring loaded system which will create an environment containing zero stability. When pigeons, sparrows, starlings or swallows land, they simply won’t be able to stay put. These birds will quickly understand that your home is not the place to roost and they will go away.

Commercial Bird-Wire Deterrent Systems Installation

Whether you operate a strip-mall, hotel, or luxury-retail store, our bird-wire deterrents can help you out. They’re especially important if you’d like to keep a low profile. In the case of a retail store, you won’t want customers walking in seeing birds along with their feathers or droppings everywhere. A properly installed wire-deterrent can solve all of these solutions all the while keeping a low-profile so that no one can tell you have something setup to drive them away.

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