Canada geese Control or Removal Services in Monmouth Junction, NJ

If you live in New Jersey, then you might have experienced some of the difficulties that come with Canadian geese. Monmouth Junction, NJ, as well as other counties in the state are unfortunately sometimes the destination of Canadian geese. If you’ve ever had to deal with this type of bird, then you’re well aware of the type of trouble it can cause.First of all, Canadian geese are a type of bird that lives in grassy areas. They are particularly drawn to lawns because they provide them with plenty of grass to eat, and they present them with unobstructed views of any predators that might be after them. However, this type of bird (like many types of birds) can quickly mess up your lawn by leaving unsightly droppings all over the place. If you allow them to go unchecked for long, then your lawn could quickly end up becoming a swampy mess.The birds are also famous for stealing seeds. This definitely isn’t good for you if you’re a New Jersey farmer or even if you’re just an average citizen who likes to plant a small garden of flowers or vegetables. If these geese are anywhere around and can get away with it, they will try to steal your seeds. They eat them and transport them to other locations too.Not only are they a nuisance, but these geese can sometimes get aggressive too. There have been surprisingly more reports of incidents concerning Canada geese control in Monmouth Junction, NJ, and surrounding areas than many people would have at first realized. If a Canadian goose has young ducklings, for instance, it can quickly become quite aggressive towards anyone in the vicinity of its ducklings, even if you’re not trying to get near the birds.Fortunately, there are Canada geese control companies like us out there. At Birds & Geese Beware, Inc., we are experts at removing unwanted Canadian geese from your property, and there’s no need for you to worry about the birds because we utilize humane methods of removal. We also utilize a variety of bird deterrents in our Canadian goose control strategies to deter the geese from getting on your property to begin with. Some of our deterrent methods include bird wires, nets and spikes, all of which are specially designed to simply deter the birds and not harm them. If some Canadian geese have gotten loose on your lawn and made a mess, we even offer bird dropping cleanup services.

Canada geese Control or Removal for Senior Living Communities in Monmouth Junction, NJ

Unfortunately, there are many senior living communities where Canadian geese have gotten out of hand. If you have a geese problem in your senior living community, we can assist you. Senior citizens, in particular, shouldn’t have to put up with bird droppings that can cause them to slip or inconvenience them. Contact us if you live in or own a senior living community that is overrun by Canadian geese. We will be more than happy to remove the geese from your property, set up bird deterrents and remove any droppings they have left behind.

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