Bird Electric Track Deterrent System Services in NJ, NYC & CT

Whether it be pigeons, sparrows, swallows, starlings, or seagulls, birds can present a large hazard to your property. On the residential or commercial front, they can cause property damage, noise disturbance and are a safety hazard because their droppings are more than capable of spreading disease to humans. Did we mention the enormous eye sore they’ll leave behind? That’s right, you’ll have to worry about droppings all over the place in addition to feathers and nesting materials that have piled up over time.Our electric shock tracks for birds can put an end to all of those problems once and for all. It may sound inhumane, but trust us, it’s not at all. The purpose of the shock track as a deterrent is to send a harmless electrical jolt to any birds that land on your premises. This system is a great tool for modifying the behavior of your local bird population. They’ll eventually and quickly learn that your home or commercial facility is not a good place to roost. This is a completely harmless and fully-effective modern system for keeping birds off your property for good. 

Residential Bird Electric Track Deterrent System Solutions in New Jersey

Do you have a roosting problem on your home’s rooftop? If there are birds all over the place that simply won’t go away, then having a shock-track bird deterrent system might be the right answer for you. These systems happen to be some of the most affordable, effective, and discreet bird control methods on the market today.What many homeowners don’t realize are the hazards of having a bird flock stick around for years and years. Their dropping are inherently (by nature) acidic. The roof that cost you thousands to install or thousands to replace will begin to deteriorate due to the constant droppings. You also have issues with parasites that live inside bird nests which can make their way into your home. These include bird mites, ticks and fleas. If a member of your household happens to come into contact with any of the bird droppings, please be very careful. Droppings carry human-transmittable diseases and should be pressure-washed away immediately.

Commercial Bird Electric Track Deterrent System Solutions in New Jersey

The image of your business is everything. Customers as well as employees need this whether it be for morale or for a reason to purchase your goods and services. If your entire storefront or commercial/industrial facility is covered in birds, their droppings along with feathers, something needs to be done to remove them in a humane way.A bird shock track does an exceptional job at behavioral modification. We custom build completely flexible shock tracks and can attach them to any surface or area on your commercial or industrial property. Birds are no joke when it comes to commercial liability matters. Their droppings can create “slip and fall” scenarios regarding your customers and employees. Since their fecal matter contains bacteria which can spread respiratory based diseases, you could be breathing in contaminated air since birds love to nest alongside HVAC units and their ducts.

How Bird Shock Track Deterrent Systems Work

Braided stainless steel wires are run in tow rows so that when any type of bird lands to perch, it will receive a small but effective jolt of electricity. Beneath all of the wiring is a rubber track used for grounding. This is held in place by industrial strength adhesives.The beauty in a system this effective is that outside of being entirely humane to local bird populations and effective, it’s elegantly discreet. This means your neighbors; customers or employees won’t even notice it. We take a lot of pride in the detail our technicians put in toward customizing your installation for effectiveness and vanity.

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