NJ, NY & CT Starling Control, Removal or  Deterrent Solutions

Starling removal & ControlWhen Starlings or other birds become a pest around your property, it’s best for you to call the experts. Birds Beware Inc specializes in the humane control or removal of Starlings throughout New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. For over twenty years we have been providing residential or commercial clients with protection and peace of mind against Starlings and other types of birds.Although they may not appear to be an immediate nuisance, Starlings can start to create major trouble for you once they begin nesting and won’t leave. Their nesting, roosting, and excessive droppings will drive you bonkers. Birds Beware Inc are highly specialized when it comes to humane Starling control and removal solutions.

Residential Starling Removal, Control & Deterrent Solutions

Having a problem with too many Starlings that won’t stop congregating on your home or apartment building’s rooftop? Believe us, when we say we can help you! We offer a wide variety of residential Starling deterrent solutions that will safely and effectively keep them off of your property with little or no maintenance required. They are a nuisance because they tend to leave unsightly nests, feathers, and droppings in close proximity to the people residing at your home or apartment building. Overtime, build-ups will cause major problems.

Commercial Starling Removal, Control & Detterent Solutions

Even though the Starling is not protected by U.S laws, we still provide humane removal or exclusion methods. They are considered by many to be invasive pests. This is especially true when it comes to commercial settings such as a storefront or high-rise property. From an aesthetic point of view, Starlings will leave droppings all over your company’s signage or property desecrating its image. On top of that, their droppings are highly acidic. This means, they are capable of devouring roofing materials, signage, awnings and much more. Birds Beware Inc are highly specialized in removing and controlling Starling flocks on your commercial property in NJ, NY or CT.

Damage And Disease from Starlings

Droppings from birds and parasites that inhabit their nesting materials are two factors you should be highly concerned with. Starling droppings are not only corrosive but also carry disease pathogens which are transmittable to humans. One fungus derived from their droppings is known as Histoplasma capsulatum, this can spread the human disease histoplasmosis. Other diseases have been known to be spread but many are exaggerated.Parasites also reside in Starling nests and places where they roost. These include Ticks, Mites, and fleas. There are many others that reside within their gastrointestinal tract which are passed through their droppings. This can become a big issue if your Starling flocks’ are near any air vents on you’re building’s rooftop.

Starling Reproduction & Habitat

The European Starling grows to be about 8.5 inches and they weigh between 2.5 and 3.5 ounces. They will nest just about anywhere they feel safe which is usually within holes, crevices, corners or other cavities. Out of all the other bird species we specialize in removing, Starlings are known to be especially aggressive.In terms of reproduction, they lay about 4 to 7 eggs over the course of a week. These eggs hatch 12 to 15 days after incubation. They also live far longer than other species of birds at an average of 15 years. This makes them a difficult pest to control as they are able to continuously reproduce each season. They construct their nests out of twigs, grass and moss. We typically have much success with keeping Starlings out because they happen to be extremely social birds. Once a predator or problem is detected, a starling will alert the rest of the flock.

Our Starling Deterrent Solutions

At Birds Beware Inc, we offer a large selection of solutions used to prevent Starlings from entering and roosting on your property. You can also count on us for the toughest cleaning jobs. Whether you’re looking for something low-profile or the most effective solution, we’re the best partner you’ve got.

Starling Bird Spikes

Bird spikes we use for Starlings are a great way to keep them away. Since flat surfaces are their ideal spot for nesting and flocking, spikes will naturally keep them away. We can install plastic or steel spikes depending on your preference. They are cost effective, resistant to many elements over time, and require little maintenance beyond the initial installation.

bird netting 22Starling Netting Installations

Whether your operating a warehouse, have a storefront with additional awning space or a farm/garden to protect, we can help you with our expert Starling netting solutions. We will custom craft netting specific to the size required in your location and make sure it’s installed 100% properly to keep the Starlings from inside your property and away from your most precious products or belongings.

shock track 2Starling Shock Track Systems Installations

We commonly install the Starling shock track for clients whom desire the absolute lowest profile bird control and deterrent system possible. In comparison to bird spikes and netting, a shock track is virtually invisible to the outside world. Did we mention that it’s also completely harmless to Starlings and other birds? It simply sends a sudden jolt telling the Starling that this is not a place to flock or nest. Since Starlings are social birds, we’re confident their flock will get the message quickly.

Starling Bird Wire Installations

Our technicians will install nylon-coated wire held together by stainless steel posts and backed up by springs. When Starlings attempt to land, they won’t be able to balance properly due to the unease of the wire-spring system. This will cause them to fly away. It’s simply an affordable, effective, time-tested solution for keeping birds off your roof. We have experience installing bird wire across rooftop ledges, windowsills, awnings and much more.

OvoControl Flock Management for Starlings

This is a proactive solution and modern alternative we provide to properties with large Starling flock populations. Our technicians will install a OvoControl bait dispersement machine on your rooftop which will feed your starling population. This is specialized, non-toxic bait which will simply cut down on their reproductive process. The bait makes their eggs unable to hatch therefore reducing population over time. OvoControl makes a great stand-alone service or addition to your existing Starling deterrent system.

Starling Dropping Cleanup & Power-Washing

Since Starling droppings are corrosive and carry disease, it only makes sense to clean it up, right? Birds Beware Inc provides the very best in high pressure power washing to clean and deodorize the nastiest situations.

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