Bird Dropping Clean-Up Services Throughout New Jersey

Bird droppings are incredibly unsanitary, dangerous and a hazard to anything other than the dirty creatures themselves. In a normal situation, un-treated areas like your attic, rooftop, ledges, or HVAC equipment could be covered in piles of nest material and droppings. You’ll see an accumulation of feathers, straw, fecal matter and nesting debris. So you’ve got four very important factors to take into account here:

  1. Bird Nesting Material Smells Awful and is a huge eye-sore
  2. Droppings are acidic and will burn through any materials they touch, destroying them over time
  3. Bird roosts carry external parasites which can make their way into your home and facility causing additional pest-related problems. A few examples of parasites include Mites as well as lice.
  4. Large amounts of disease organisms can grow within bird droppings which have the full potential to spread to human beings.

Bird Dropping to human transmission disease

The amount of diseases carried by organisms within bird droppings is staggering and extremely hazardous. We’re not just talking about the common cold. Here is a full run-down:

  • Histoplasmosis
  • Cryptococcosis
  • Salmonella
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Aspergillosis
  • Avian pox
  • Lyme Disease


Our Bird Dropping Pressure Washing Process

Bird droppings can be seen and dropped practically anywhere on your property. From rooftops and HVAC equipment to siding or sidewalks, no area is ever safe. We are highly skilled and experienced with all facets of pressure washing every square inch of roosting areas or dropping sites. This is something that we also provide (a necessity) before any kind of bird-deterrent installation.In commercial facilities, the most common cause for the spread of external bird droppings are overnight roosting activities and daytime perching. This is because during twilight hours, the birds are perching away after eating for up to 16 hours just dropping fecal matter all over the exterior of your facility. For commercial facilities, we use high PSI pressure washing equipment, industrial-grade bacterial cleaning agents to sanitize/clean any affected areas and our staff wears all the necessary equipment to remain safe during the entire project.For residential properties, the process is quite similar. We wish we could say “but on a smaller scale”, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes we may encounter a customer who had no idea that his or her attic had been invaded and nested upon by dozens and dozens of pigeons over a few years. Naturally in this type of environment, there will be an enormous build-up of nesting materials and droppings to remove and sanitize. After the clean-up and removal process, we would make recommendations on how to seal entry points for future birds looking to get in and installation of a professional bird-deterrent system to prevent this from ever happening again.When Cleaning any areas afflicted with bird infestations, our entire team are equipped with special breathing masks, protective suits, rubber gloves, goggles and more. Since droppings are toxic, it’s very important that everyone on site is protected to the full extent possible.

Steps We Take in Providing Bird Dropping Cleanup in NJ

The team at Birds and Geese Beware have a different workflow depending on the type of project. Interior or exterior infestations make a big difference in what type of equipment and materials we use for cleanup.Interior work requires us to be a bit more careful and delicate in collecting the droppings and sanitizing them. For example, droppings that are swept up without being sprayed with sanitizer first can spread dust into the air. This is a hazard we absolutely have to avoid so, one of the first steps we take is gently spreading bacterial killing sanitizer all over the droppings and nesting materials. After this is complete, we’ll begin bagging, sealing, and disposing of the nests’ remnants. An attic is a place we can’t necessarily power wash, so we’ll use other tactics such as rigorous brushing with chemicals to clean up the entire area.Depending on the space within exterior projects, we are freed up to work with high PSI equipment. This means aggressive chemical-water blasting of your exterior’s walls or rooftops to get rid of nests/droppings. Just like our interior projects, any and all nesting materials will be bagged up and disposed of properly.

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