Canadian geese Control Methods in NJ, NY & CT

The numbers of geese in the north and northeast are astonishing. While birds are lovely creatures to look at, some instances can be a serious problem. Canadian geese are a migratory bird and just like most birds, group together in large flocks. Considering there are laws protecting this species of fowl, the numbers only increase. Geese will lay a clutch of eggs and sacrifice life and limb for the survival of her eggs and young. That makes for a terrific mother, but in turn causes an aggressive bird. Geese are known to chase dogs, bite, and chase humans as well.

Canadian Geese problems

Each year residents of NY, CT, and NJ are battling these birds, and with the droppings they leave behind, it can and will create a huge mess. The home or business owners to have to deal with piles of large bird droppings. Now I’m not in any way suggesting that it is rational to wish harm or anything on these creatures. There are effective, humane, and safe removal methods to eradicate the problem, and available deterrents that can prevent the birds from returning. Since these birds adapt so well to human populated areas, they are now nonmigratory. They make their nests and live in flocks on golf courses, public parks, and near airports. Airports can be a dangerous place for birds to congregate due to possible collision with the planes, putting human lives at risk.

Canadian geese control methods

Calling a professional geese control specialist is strongly advised to provide expert care for your situation. When these birds are taking over your front lawn, some homeowners are afraid to go outside! They have experienced the aggression that is common among this species. Geese deterrents are needed after removal because after one flock is removed, if proper geese deterrents are not in place, another flock will take their place. Do not hesitate to call for clean-ups either! Most of the calls made to geese control specialists are for cleaning up the unsanitary conditions left behind by a flock of geese. One bird can leave 2-3 pounds of droppings each day! In NJ, there isn’t any natural predators for the Canadian geese, so the numbers of geese just continue to rise. Since it is illegal to hunt or harm them, they are free to destroy agriculture, chase kids or pets, and sunbathe on your lawn!

The Spread of Disease

Are you aware that Canadian Geese droppings can carry Chlamydia? That’s not all; they also can be infested with E.coli, Campylobacter, Listeria, and Salmonella! These disturbing diseases can contaminate water sources, as well as cross contaminate from walking through it and then walking on your floors in your home. Public Parks have had to be closed down due to these pesky birds making their homes there. Canadian Geese control methods are a natural and animal friendly way of removing these birds from your residential or commercial property. Birds and Geese Beware, Inc. are experts that deal with these pests on a daily basis. They serve the NY, NJ, and CT areas by using personalized tactics to safely return your property to you.

The Bottom Line

Canadian Geese are beautiful and majestic flight birds. This is why the protection act was set in place many years ago. They are in such large numbers now because of this protective law, and Birds and Geese Beware, Inc. are professionals who treat the animals with respect, and just relocate the birds to a new location, and treat the area to prevent further intrusion. These specialists deal with all types of birds, and can help with all of your intrusive flock needs.