Canada geese Control or Removal in Kendall Park, New Jersey

Kendall Park is a small thriving community in New Jersey. For many residents goose, especially Canada geese have become a problem because of their high numbers. They thrive in those areas due to the availability of consistent feed, a habitat that favors them, and unavailability of predators. Birds & Geese Beware, Inc. specializes in humanely removing all forms of Canada geese. According to the migratory bird treaty of 1918, it is illegal to kill or conduct any harm to these birds. This has further allowed them to freely move around and thrive. Although we all love geese and embrace for their protection. Sometimes if their population increases without control, it may affect our daily lives.Birds and Geese beware, Inc. is a company that specializes in Canada geese control. We have over 20 years experience in this business. We understand their behavior, their habitat, and how all this can affect the daily lives of communities such as Kendall Park in NJ.Several methods and techniques can be used in Canada geese control. The two main methods are moving them from the location or humanely ending their lives. However, when birds are moved from one location, another flock tends to come and take their place. We as a company understand that the problem lies at the source and as such, we prefer to deal with the source and not the problem.Why it is important and what risks to the geese pose to our lives?Canada geese have a reputation for being very protective especially if they feel threatened. They extend this behavior to their human neighbors too. Other than threatening us, the largest complain among residents is from the mess caused by their droppings.Canada goose prefers waterfront areas such as parks and golf courses. This becomes problematic because as their population increases, so does their droppings and feathers on the golf courses. Their droppings may contain contaminants that may be harmful to human as well as contaminate our food leading to food poisoning.One of our most successful and harmless technique of dealing with the geese is the use of chasing dogs. These highly trained dogs are able to instill fear on the goose, these scare forces the geese to free from away from the area without causing any harm to them.We never train our dogs to catch or harm any birds. They are only trained to push the birds in a certain direction that gets them out of our way. This method is not only humane but also very effective.

Canada geese Control for Senior Living Communities in Kendall Park, NJ

Senior living community in the New Jersey area have many issues dealing with these flocks. Senior living community, especially in NJ, is friendly to the birds, this enables them to thrive and increase tremendously.With the population increase comes the problems associated with the birds such as droppings, diseases, and harassment. Birds Beware Inc can be able to help these senior living in Kendal parks and other areas where we operate communities deal with this problem in an effective and humane manner.We can also be able to offer other services such as population control for the birds, removal of dead birds, and the cleanup of their droppings

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