Bird & Canada geese Control Services for Hotels, Motels & Lodging in NJ, NY, CT

hotel-motel bird & geese controlA common concern among hotel, motel and lodge owners are pest birds. Canada Geese are especially a concern due to their numbers growing exponentially. These birds tend to gather together in mass quantities, which usually ends up leaving a large number of droppings – almost a pound per day per goose!

The Reasons that Bird & Canada Geese Removal is a Necessity at Hotels, Motels & Lodging in NJ, NY, CT

There are many reasons why bird and geese removal and control is a necessity to operate a safe, clean business. This is especially true for hotels, motels and lodges who have customers and staff on the premises around the clock. When pest birds and Canada geese get out of control, it’s not only a matter of image – safety and maintenance are compromised.


A mass amount of Canada geese brings a large number of droppings, which pose multiple risks to safety that might leave you liable. There is a potential for injury from a slip and fall. Droppings also carry the risk of diseases that are harmful or even fatal to humans. Canadian geese are also very territorial, and will aggressively attack during nesting season.


These birds also cause a huge problem for the image of your business. Customers and employees are exposed to the mess that these birds leave, as well as having to avoid the birds when on your property. It immediately creates a negative, unprofessional or unmaintained image. Certainly not the impression you want your hotel, motel, or lodge to be giving off!


Maintenance becomes a large issue when you’re dealing with large numbers of birds or Canada Geese. Your employees must take time to clean the mess the birds leave behind. Simple tasks like grounds keeping becomes a much more haphazard issue. Customers must still be aware of the situation for their own safety. Even if you do your best to maintain the mess, it still does little for the image of your establishment if employees are cleaning after birds all day.

How We Solve Your Bird & Canada Geese Problem for Hotels, Motels & Lodging in NJ, NY, or CT

If you’re a hotel, motel or lodge owner in the NJ, NY or CT area you might feel helpless when coming up with solutions to managing pest birds. Luckily there are multiple known humane methods for removal and control that are in use today.

Bird Spikes for Hotels, Motels & Lodging in NJ, NY, or CT

One of the most common and effective option is to use bird spikes. Hotel, motel and lodge buildings often have places where these pest birds can nest or roost. These can include ledges, rooftops, window sills, etc. You can guarantee that they will no longer land there by installing bird spikes. These spikes are easy to install, and offer a quick and easy solution to repelling birds from landing or nesting.

Bird Shock Tracks for Hotels, Motels & Lodging in NJ, NY, or CT

Similarly to bird spikes, these bird shock tracks will prevent birds from landing and nesting on your building’s roof or ledges. The shock track systems deliver a harmless – yet effective electric shock to dissuade birds from landing. This option is great for those looking for the effectiveness of a bird spike system but want something more aesthetically neutral. These shock track systems have a low, minimalistic profile and are not nearly as noticeable as using spikes. Easy to maintain and user-friendly, they are another great option for hotel, motel, and lodge owners.

Bird Netting  for Hotels, Motels & Lodging in NJ, NY, or CT

Bird netting is another low-tech solution to keep birds out from where they shouldn’t be. Particular effective for large semi-enclosed indoor or outdoor spaces where birds are likely to roost or nest, these nets provide a physical barrier that keeps 100% of birds out. Bird netting is a great solution that requires no power, is silent, and low profile.

Bird Wire for Hotels, Motels & Lodging in NJ, NY, or CT

In order to deter birds from landing or nesting on certain ledges or long stretches of structure, it is more efficient to use a solution such as bird wire. This stainless steel wire can be installed almost anywhere, is low profile, and provides a simple and humane solution to bird control. The wire simply deters birds by using a spring-tension wire system which creates an uneven landing surface that birds cannot stay on.

Canada Goose Chasing Dogs for Hotels, Motels & Lodging in NJ, NY, or CT

For issues with Canada Geese the best solution is to permanently remove the birds rather than come up with deterrents for them. A common and humane tactic is to use Canada Goose Chasing Dogs. A well trained group of dogs are trained specifically to herd and harmlessly harass the birds; They present themselves as predators to the birds, which convinces the geese to relocate. Although a small number of geese may return, more utilization of these dogs will result in the geese leaving permanently.

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