Canada geese Control for Lake Front Properties in NJ, NY & CT

Our guaranteed Canada geese deterrents are scarcely noticeable and highly effective methods of residential Canada geese control, as the experts; we can get rid of geese and keep them off your New Jersey lake front property. We are dedicated to providing effective and humane solutions to your Canada geese problem. We guarantee effective residential Canada geese control and our products deliver our promises. Our geese deterrent products are guaranteed maintenance free and weather resistant; and we have units for all types of landscape.

How we Perform Humane Canada geese Control

Our original unit takes only seconds to install and is designed to rid private lawns, gardens and fields of unwanted geese. This unit is guaranteed to deter Canada geese from your New Jersey lake front property, by humanely agitating and alarming homesteading geese with light flashes, until they leave and prevents additional geese from moving in. The light is scarcely noticeable and will not bother humans, so it will not disturb the residence or the neighbors. Because Canada geese prefer to sleep in safe secure locations, and they prefer to eat where they sleep, the geese will no longer desire this location day or night.

Our fully trained and expert staff know how to find nests, which can be testing since geese do not need to sit on their nests during the entire incubation period. When these nests are discovered our trained experts will addle the eggs and return them to the nest so we can eventually remove the entire nest and the mother goose. By creating a hostile environment for these geese, we can arrange for geese families to leave the properties and seek a safer place to stay.

Our geese deterrent products leave no mess, and will effectively rid geese from residential property, school yards, parks, office properties and golf courses. Our fully trained staff will visit your problem area to evaluate the problem and with your assistance, structure a solution to effectively control the geese. We offer our clients short term programs, long term programs or a combination that is specifically designed for their geese problem. In addition to offering geese deterrent products we also offer our clients ideas on landscape adjustments and environmental changes that will enhance their results.

It is That Time of Year for geese Hazing

It is that time of year, the early spring; when the Canadian geese are looking to nest. Imprinting causes these geese to return to the same general area each year. Between February and March, the Canadian geese begin to pair with their life long mates and find a place to nest and lay eggs. This can be frustrating for our New Jersey lake front customers. We offer a year-round solution, but some customers prefer to select the seasonal options. Our maintenance-free solutions are backed by testimonials from property managers and home owners who no longer have geese. We are proud of our success in residential Canada geese control, and are always available to answer any questions our customers may have.

Call Today to Save Time and Money

Our customers have found that using our services saves them time and money. In a short time, customers are noticing less droppings and healthier grass, allowing people use of lawns without health risks from the bacteria these geese leave behind. With no need for constant harmful chemical applications we disrupt geese nests found on your property. When we arrive to install our products, you will be notified of our presence by our fully trained and uniformed staff member and our decaled vehicle.

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