Canada Geese Control for Retirement Communities in NJ

Retirement communities often include beautiful sprawling landscapes for the residents to enjoy in their leisure time. Unfortunately, many of the activities that residents in these New Jersey communities enjoy attract Canada geese to the property. Whether your residents keep feeding the birds or you have noticed the geese are grazing on the lawn, use these tips for Canada geese control for retirement communities to get a handle on the problem.

Watch Out for Nesting Season

In New Jersey, there are both residential Canada geese that live here throughout the year, and migratory birds that tend to pass through as they fly south. While you might have a goose problem at any time of the year, it is critical to be extra vigilant during the nesting season when a small problem can quickly spiral out of control. The typical nesting season for Canada geese ranges from March to June, but this can vary slightly by a month or two during warmer years. Once a goose nests on your property, you can expect them to return to the same site every year.

Understand the Full Scope of the Problem

Canada geese control for retirement communities must be done using the proper methods that keep your company in compliance with state and federal laws that protect migratory birds. For example, egg addling, or the destruction of Canada goose eggs and nests must be done by first procuring a permit and following stipulations regarding how the eggs are destroyed and handled. Once these eggs are destroyed, a report must be conducted at the end of the nesting season that informs the authorities of how many nests were destroyed. Professional pest control services help you remove eggs as well as the birds while following all of the procedures that are required.

Protect Your Residents from Harm

Canada geese are beautiful birds, and it is possible that your residents may not understand the importance of removing them from the property. However, even a single Canada goose places your residents at risk by dropping pounds of feces each day that could carry dangerous diseases such as salmonella that are transmissible to humans. Attacks by these birds are also common, especially during the nesting season. Over time, large numbers of the birds will quickly destroy all of the vegetation on your property and leave your once-beautiful property grounds marred by bare ground covered in droppings.

Prevent Flocks from Returning

Once you get Canada geese under control, you want to make sure that they do not continue to come to your retirement property. Your pest control technician can provide retirement community-friendly practices that prevent the birds from coming back. For instance, you may be able to replace the grass covering open spaces with a different type of vegetation that the geese do not like to eat. Wildflowers are a fun option for ground cover that reduce the nutritional value of the grass, yet your retirement community residents will still find beautiful. If your property has a large body of water, then you can also implement measures that make it less accessible to the birds. For small bodies of water, fencing prevents birds from walking up to the pond or fountain. However, this will not deter flying birds from getting inside. Finally, share with your residents the importance of not feeding the wildlife. Although it might be fun to watch the birds eat scraps of food, this is often the initial source of a major problem.Canada geese infestations require a professional touch to ensure that they are addressed properly. Contact us today to arrange for a technician to help you get nuisance birds away from your retirement community.

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