Canada Geese Control for Nursing Homes and Hospice Facilities

New Jersey is home to both resident and migratory Canada geese that often inhabit residential properties as they pass through the area. While the discovery of a single Canada goose is often exciting for people that live in nursing home or hospice facilities, it can turn into a major problem when multiple birds begin to congregate in the same place. When you discover that your nursing home or hospice facility has a Canada geese problem, use this guide to get it under control.

Know the Signs of a Bird Control Problem

Canada geese control issues can occur at any time of the year, but people tend to notice them increasing in number between the months of October through March when they participate in their migratory practices. By March, you may also notice an increase in their population when they begin to settle in for the nesting season. Sighting large numbers of birds around your nursing home or hospice is an obvious sign of a problem, but you may also notice more subtle clues such as discovering a large amount of their droppings on the outside lawn. Unfortunately, a single goose can drop more than a pound of feces a day, which generates a serious problem for maintaining the sanitation of your property.

Understand the Health Risks Posed by Canada Geese

People who live in nursing homes and hospice facilities are more vulnerable to the health risks posed by Canada geese than other members of the population. All Canada geese are capable of carrying diseases such as botulism and salmonella that are transmissible to humans, and it only takes exposure to their droppings to cause a person to potentially contract an illness. Canada geese are also known for their aggressive behavior that may increase during the nesting season. For this reason, the birds must be controlled to stop them from harassing residents of your facility who may be injured if they are attacked by these birds.

Stay in Compliance with the Law

Canada geese control becomes complicated because they are migratory birds that are given protection under state and federal laws. In New Jersey and throughout the United States, there are specific procedures in place that outline how geese and their nests and eggs may be handled. Typically, a special permit is required to address Canada geese issues through control methods such as trapping and relocating the birds. Although your goal is to reduce geese populations around your facility as soon as possible, it is best to stay in compliance with the law. Professional bird control services allow you to successfully restore the safety of your property without crossing any federal or state boundaries that protect migratory birds.

Prevent Future Canada Geese Issues

Professional geese removal helps restore your property to a comfortable environment that allows residents to spend time outside without worrying about illnesses or injuries. However, you will need to take additional steps to prevent the birds from returning to your property. During the bird control services, you can talk to our technician about ways that you can stop geese from coming back. For example, you may need to talk to the residents about the importance of not feeding wildlife since Canada geese tend to flock to places where there is easy access to food. In most cases, it only takes a little preventative action to keep your property free of nuisance geese.Canada geese are beautiful birds, but they pose a risk to anyone who lives in a nursing home or hospice care facility. Give us a call today to safely and humanely remove nuisance birds from your property so that every resident feels comfortable during their time outside.

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