Canada Geese Removal for Golf Courses in NJ, NY or CT

golf course Canada geese controlPeople who own and operate golf courses in NJ, NY or CT are no strangers to pests and problematic animals. Canada Geese are drawn to the lush rolling greenery that they mistake as a viable habitat. If you decide to have water features in your golf course, you are even more likely to be burdened by these birds. You want your green fields to be as welcoming and luxurious as the finest world courses – but oftentimes it can be a hassle dealing with pests such as Canada Geese without some professional help. These birds can present an assortment of problems, and with their numbers growing exponentially over the years, it is even more imperative that business owners are aware of how to control and remove them. But how does one control the geese population over such a large outdoor area?

How We Solve Your Canada Geese Problem at Golf Course in NJ, NY, or CT

The most effective method for Canada geese removal for a golf course would be to use Canada Goose chasing dogs. This method is the most widely used to successfully convince a flock of geese to leave an area and to stay gone. These dogs are especially trained to pose as a predator to dissuade the birds from returning. Similar to herding sheep, this method is natural and humane, as the dogs are trained not to actually harm the geese, but only herd them away from your property. The dogs present themselves as predators – convincing the geese that the area is not safe to settle or nest in. This method works overtime, because some geese will even send warning calls to others, dissuading additional geese from returning. The desired result is that the geese will be permanently dissuaded from returning to the area. After just one session, you are likely to see a massive drop in the returning geese population. With consecutive sessions we can help reinforce the feeling of danger for the geese, causing them to relocate so you can guarantee that they will stay away for good!

The Reasons that Bird & Canada Geese Removal is a Necessity at Golf Courses in NJ, NY, CT

Golf courses are meant to be a place to relax and enjoy the sport of golf. Customers expect clean and maintained grounds as well as uninterrupted tee time so they can be on their best game. An invasion of Canada Geese is at odds with both of these expectations. Canadian Geese have loud and obnoxious honks which can break golfer’s concentration when they’re playing – as well as annoy customers in general. Such large packs of birds will quickly graze and eat large amounts of grass or other greenery, which means they can wreak havoc on your well manicured grass! Not to mention the grounds will become covered in droppings, which is dangerous and potentially hazardous to the health of your customers and employees.

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