Canada Geese Control for Business Parks & Office Complexes in New Jersey

Canada geese can be an valuable addition to a park or wilderness area where people enjoy watching and photographing wildlife. The benefits these fowl bring to an area include sport and recreational advantages as well as ecological benefits. Geese are an excellent resource in helping spread seeds between areas as they eat grass and deposit waste. Their feces are beneficial in helping add needed nutrients to the soil. Unfortunately, geese can overwhelm office complexes or business parks with their numbers as well as their waste. It’s then time to look for Commercial Canada geese Control.There are several different methods commercial properties as well as local governments and private businesses have tried to help control Canada goose populations. Moving a large population to a different area away from humans has been used as a control method in the past, but it isn’t effective in the long run. The population that is moved won’t return to the area, but a different group of Canada geese will rather quickly take its place. Chemical repellents and pesticides are another way to help prevent Canada geese from taking up residence in an office complex. Two of the more popular types of chemical repellents affect the stomachs of the geese, making them sick if they eat treated grass or inhale the chemical. A newer way of controlling a Canada geese population is through a technique known as ‘addling’. Oil is applied to eggs that have been laid, preventing them from hatching.Canada geese have been designated as a protected migratory species by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for 100 years. It is illegal to hunt, shoot, kill or otherwise disturb the birds themselves or their nests and eggs.Some business parks have attempted to control their Canada geese populations by changing the habitat the geese find so attractive. Planting grass that doesn’t provide the nutrients the geese need is one method that has been attempted. Modification of the slopes of banks along ponds and streams that the geese prefer has been shown to encourage the birds to find another place to forage. Habitat changes that increase the distance between the bank of the pond or stream to the food source have also shown signs of discouraging geese from inhabiting a specific area.Many New Jersey office complexes and business parks have discovered that one of the oldest methods of controlling animals works well for Commercial Canada geese control. Herding the geese using Border Collies. These smart, hard-working dogs have a strong prey instinct, but they are able to control that instinct to weave around and through a group of geese without harming the birds. More than 300 years of herding cattle has developed the Border Collie’s ability to stare down Canada geese so effectively that the birds fear for their lives and leave the area. Dog handlers work with the Border Collies to help the dogs effectively stalk the geese. The handlers use whistles and hand signals to guide the dogs toward the geese in preparation for making a flock take flight. Experience has shown that when the dogs are used daily to stalk and scare the geese, the flocks don’t come back. It isn’t difficult to find a company that can help control a Canada geese population problem in a business park or an office complex. Contact a Commercial Canada geese Control company in New Jersey by searching online.
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