Bird Control Solutions for Warehouses in NJ, NY, CT

warehouse bird controlWarehouses are often easy targets for birds due to the easy as well as large entrance they provide or the open space available to them. You wouldn’t traditionally see a normal ceiling in a warehouse like you would in an office. Warehouses have a large abundance of ceiling rafters, nooks, and plenty of crannies for birds to nest in. 

The Reasons that Bird Removal is a Necessity at Warehouses in NJ, NY, CT

Often times, a warehouse has had a recurring bird problem for years and simply hires a pressure washing company to get rid of the nests and other foul materials. They do this without the knowledge that bird barriers and other deterrent devices exist. This is a more proactive, efficient approach since we’re initially preventing your bird infestation problem from happening before it does. 

Additional Preventative Measures for Birds in NJ, NY & CT

We try to educate our customer base as well as potential clients to the realities of preventative bird control. There are plenty of gimmicky deterrents out there such as virtual or auditory frightening devices. However, they never seem to prove effective. The problem with these devices is that they simply aren’t dynamic. A bird can sense the difference between stationary objects vs something that’s actually moving. When it comes to keeping your warehouse clear of any birds, we tend to opt for traditional deterrents that are completely effective. To work efficiently, the first thing our technicians will do is provide a full on-site inspection. This is to determine nesting positions. We also have a top priority of eliminating any potential food or water sources that may attract un-wanted birds. Why Bird Control is Paramount for Your Warehouse

  • Liability: Slips & Falls
  • Health Code Violations
  • Shrinkage: Inventory & Product Loss
  • Employee Productivity & Morale: Distractions cause work stoppages due to flying/nesting birds.

How We Solve Your Bird & Canada Geese Problem at Warehouses in NJ, NY, or CTAt Birds and Geese Beware, Inc we offer a wide variety of bird deterrent systems to protect your warehouse from any unwanted flying pests.

Bird Mist Netting for Warehouses in NJ, NY, or CT

A Bird Mist Net is a product that we use in large open spaces such as warehouses, manufacturing plants or other facilities. It’s an extremely humane way to trap and then release birds caught in the net. We simply let them fly right in and relocate them to their natural habitat once caught.Our mist nets can be customized to fit your exact specifications. For example, common areas we may find after investigation within a warehouse that house bird infestation will be blanketed with mist nets. Once put up, the birds won’t know the difference and will fly right into our hands.Mist nets are made from very fine fibers and they make it very easy for our team to catch birds among areas like ceilings in a tall areas. We install mist nets directly into the flight path of on-coming birds for the greatest success rate. After birds are caught, we’ll carefully remove them and set them loose outdoors where they belong.Occasionally, if you have a rather large, frequent nuisance bird issue, we may use additional deterrents such as lasers to draw them in. These can be a helpful addition to a bird mist net deterrent.

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