Bird Control Services & Deterrents for Schools or Universities

For many universities and schools, pest birds have brought critical and expensive issues. Most learning institutions contain garbage cans that are always full, open yards, and feeding areas that are outdoors.These places are where pest birds are rampant as they search for food and water.If these pests are not controlled, they perch on ledges and on roofs waiting for students and staff to dump their food remains so that they can scavenge.They cause disturbances and spread harmful bacteria that cause illness like Asthma to humans.Bird pests that are referred to include birds like sparrows, seagulls, pigeons, and even swallows.This article discusses bird control near me and the control measures that should be carried out in schools and universities;Types of Bird Control Deterrents We Install

Bird Spikes Deterrent Installation

Bird spikes are deterrents that offer physical barriers that prevent pest birds from landing on ledges, window sills, and rooftop edges.These spikes are available in stainless steel and plastic and are very easy to install. They prevent pest birds from perching and building nests on such surfaces.To install bird spikes, we ensure that the area on which the spikes are to be put up is clean. Rid the area of any pest droppings and debris. Let the area dry first.Use gloves and disinfectant. Next, we choose the mounting method, whether it is wood or concrete.We use polyurethane adhesive that is used during construction to put them in place. Use a spacing of one inch.Spikes provide pest control for more extended periods and are easy on pockets.

Bird Wire Deterrent Installation

Bird wire deterrent is discreet. It protects handrails, ledges, parapet walls.It is made from stainless steel wire, which is coated with nylon. To install a bird wire deterrent, we should have thin stainless steel wire and posts made of stainless steel.These posts are mounted on ledges or any preferred surfaces, and then the bird wire is tightly tensioned between this series of poles.Bird wire deterrent can be used to prevent the soaring bird pests from big open spaces, especially when installed using a grid pattern.Bird wire is a Bird control measure that is humane and approved for use on state buildings. It is also pocket friendly.

Bird Shock Track Deterrent Installation

Shock track is a bird pest control method that is almost obscure, making it low profile.To install, shock track strips are put up on surfaces such as windowsills. These strips produce a mild shock when birds land on them.Shock tracks are available in a variety of colors, making them blend easily with surfaces.We should install shock tracks on flat surfaces where pest birds are not welcome and where they will not be noticed.The shock is pulsating, like the shock produced from static electricity. It comes with a solar or a charger unit.The slight shocks will make the pest birds not land on the surfaces again as they are aware of the consequences.Shock track deterrents are used to keep the pest bird off of learning institutions and not harm them.To ensure that bird control near me is done effectively, I contact the local bird control company as they are trained to carry out these services.

Bird Netting Deterrent Installation

This type of bird control services is most suitable for learning institutions like schools and universities as they contain large open areas and semi-fenced spaces.Bird netting is available in many materials. There are both light and heavy-duty materials.Bird netting offers us a protective barrier that prevents pest birds like seagulls from getting into school premises. It allows for light to pass through and for watering vegetation.This bird deterrent comprises a high-density twine of polyethylene that is tangled and warped to form an impermeable obstacle to pests.Ultraviolet treatment, together with coloring, is inserted into the alignment. Therefore, it makes the netting impervious to the effects of sunlight. The color also remains the same over time.They should be installed in any bird pressure area, areas in the open, or semi-enclosed in which bird pests are not wanted.They can also be installed on rooftops and courtyards that are outdoor. They are not lethal and protect us from pest birds.

Rooftop & Signage Solutions-Deterrents

For rooftops, the recommended solutions are strategies that can keep pest birds away tangibly.These solutions include; bird wire deterrents, bird spike deterrents, and bird netting.We specialize in the control of birds on any type of rooftop as well as signage.The bird control measures mentioned above humanely and efficiently prevent bird pests from perching and nesting on rooftops.For signage, bird control products, I recommend bird jolt flat tracks, which are electric track systems.These tracks produce slight electric shocks that make the birds stay off signages. The tracks are simple to install and are lightweight. They can be bent up to three hundred and sixty degrees without their electric reliability being destroyed.They are the only bird control products that have glue troughs and anti-arcing for better performance.Bird spikes can also be used to protect signages as they are flexible. They, too, can be bent up to three hundred and sixty degrees.Their flexibility makes it easy to follow curves such as letters and signages. They are accompanied by a license that lasts for ten years.They are found in one, three, five, and eight inches, making it easier to provide progressively broader areas of security.Bird deterrents should be installed immediately when the signs are put up. This is one economical way that keeps away the pests.It ensures that no damage occurs and that there is no excretion on the rooftops and signages. Another measure is to discourage the pest birds immediately they are discovered.The longer we let the birds stay on surfaces, the harder it is to remove them. Most contractors can access bird control services and can install them early. All these control measures should be undertaken to prevent students, officials, and staff members from contracting illness-causing bacteria.Birds & Geese Beware, Inc encourages all schools, whether public, private or chartered, to practice these measures to protect ourselves and others from pest birds.

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