Bird Control Services & Deterrents for Retirement Communities

Most of the retirement communities entail well-manicured and neat sprawling landscapes that offer magnificent surroundings for the residents. Besides, most retirement homes have mature trees and good shades for birds’ invasion. Various activities and environmental architecture further attract birds such as Pigeons, Starlings, Seagulls-Seabirds, Sparrows, and Swallows. Most people love birds, but to some extent, these birds have become a nuisance and a point of the distraction of fun preserved for retirement residential communities, hence calling for bird pest control mechanisms.Nonetheless, Birds & Geese Beware Inc. provides holistic services that cater for the control and deterrent of stray birds that spoil the ambiance of the retirement communities. Our company embodies various controlling and deterrent methods that are highly effective and environmentally friendly. Besides other places, our company has a service trail in states such as Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, found in the North East United States of America (U.S.A).

What Type of Birds Deterrent Solution Do We Install?

As a local bird control company, we embody technologically and chemically advanced methods that are not only effective but also environmentally friendly in controlling birds that have become pests in the retirement communities especially the affected North East United States of America. We assess the affected area and choose the best suitable method for bird control. For instance, we may install Bird Spike Deterrent, Bird Wire Deterrent, Bird Shock Track, Bird Netting Deterrent Solution, and Rooftop and Signage Solution deterrents. We humanely control pest birds using the above methods in the affected residential and commercial properties. Using these methods, we have successfully managed to do bird control near me.

Bird Spike Deterrent Installation

We proudly offer bird spikes as an effective method to deter pest birds in residential communities. These solutions are offered in various conformation such as steel and plastic variation. Besides offering a varied range of colors, most of our clients prefer stainless steel spikes since they are hardly seen by a naked eye.Undoubtedly, this method has facilitated the determent of pest birds without harming the local population of birds. After installation, the method sends a signal that the restricted area such as gutter, ledge, or rooftop is not conducive for living. Soon the pest birds disappear following fear to land on the restricted residential property. When this method is installed on all the residential properties in a community, the birds disappear living the whole community pest-free.Notably, this bird spikes are durable since they are made from materials that are resistant to rainfall and sun. Furthermore, the spikes come in a varied range of sizes and can be fully customized to meet your personal needs. The presence of a wide range of colors serves as an advantage to match the color of your roofing or building.

Bird Wire Deterrent Installation

We also offer a wiring deterrent system to prevent birds such as sparrow from landing on residential premises. We have specialized experienced installers who establishes a spring-tensioned system made up of wire. Intentionally, the wire is made unstable thus when the birds make attempts to stand on it, they lack support hence ineluctably prompted to fly away. The deterrent wire is crafted from steel that is coated with nylon to increase its life span.Besides, it stands posts made of stainless steel that are rust free and durable. The posts hold the wire firmly and together. Notably, our technicians assess the roofing materials and may either apply, railing clamps, glue, or screws to attach the wire deterrents to the targeted site.

Bird Shock Track Deterrent Installation

This bird deterrent system is one of the most affordable yet highly effective in the management of birds. The braided wires are lined in two rows to allow pest birds to receive an electric shock while perching. All the wirings seat on a rubber track that offers grounding. Adhesives of industrial-strength are used to hold the wires in place.Remarkably, this system offers control of birds in a humane manner while remaining elegantly discreet. This prevents visiting friends and neighbors from noticing its installation. Our technicians take pride in skills and experience in customization thus providing quality, durable and affordable services that meet your requirement and intended purpose.

Bird Netting Deterrent Installation

Our company also offers Bird Netting Deterrent among other bird control services. This bird deterrent system is not only a safe and affordable but also effective and durable initiative for both commercial and residential communities. Our engineers customize fabricated netting and install them in specified parts of the residential property to curtail the birds’ efforts of entering unwanted parts. Furthermore, we offer quality bid nests that come in different sizes and shapes to meet your desire.This method is highly effective when implemented in situations where other deterrent methods are not feasible. Since the netting is made up of Polyethylene material, it is very strong and durable. The mesh is supplied and installed in large and open areas where birds freely fly and perch. In New Jersey, the nettings have been installed in parking garages, bridges, ceilings of warehouses, and football stadiums. In residential places, this method can be installed in backyard lawns, ceilings, and parking lots.

Rooftop & Signage Solutions-Deterrents

Rooftops and Signage offer a habitable environment for birds. The birds may end up damaging the signage thus beating the purpose for its establishment. However, this can be avoided through various bird control solutions that we offer to your residential premises.An infestation of birds at both commercial properties and residential places is a nuisance to most (U.S) citizenries living in North East states such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Connecticut. Birds and Geese Beware Inc. is a local bird control company that is well known for its bird control services. The company has well developed and effective bird control products that are not only effective but also durable and environmentally friendly when applied.We offer bird pest control against Pigeons, Sparrows, Seagull-Seabirds, and Swallows. Throughout the last decades, I have managed to completely uphold bird control near me. The bird controlling process is an effective solution to managing and preventing the adverse impact that pest birds may expose elderly residents.

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