Bird Control Services & Deterrents for Property Management

A few bird species in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and other parts of North East USA are considered a nuisance for properties. These birds range from Pigeons, Starlings, Swallows to Sparrows, and they enter premises through damaged roofing or loading bay spaces. They cause household destruction by extricating roof tiles, building nests, clogging gutters, and leaving waste that flakes building components. Their excretions also contain harmful bacteria and viruses that are infectious to humans. They can also become belligerent and attack patrons and staff, especially in the breeding periods when defending their offspring. When searching for companies that offer bird control near me in North-East America, contact us at 732.558.2464.

Types of Bird Control Deterrents We Install

Contracting top-tier bird control services at the sight of the problem ensures your enterprise is bird disincentive and free from hazards related to pest hazards. If you are searching for a local bird control company, we are experts in proficient bird exclusion. We have a broad spectrum of wallet-friendly, tactful, and humane bird preventive methods that won’t interrupt your business or hurt the birds. At Birds & Geese Beware, Inc., we avert bird destruction to buildings, airplane hangars, garages, signs, and other properties. Keep reading for more insight into the best pest control measures for your firm.

Bird Spikes Deterrent Installation

Are you looking for services of bird control near me? Deterring birds from settling on ledges, signage, security cameras, gutters, rooflines, chimneys, or pipes is critical in bird pest control. Bird spikes are efficient and are among our most permanent bird control services, offering up to five years of utility. This system consists of wires and springs and can be fitted on several exterior areas.We will install a stainless steel or plastic bird restraint spikes large enough for bigger bird species such as Pigeons and Seagulls. Stainless steel spikes extend from the UV-tolerant polycarbonate bottom, which prevents pigeons and their larger counterparts from landing on areas with spikes. Spikes have blunt-tips to avoid injuring nuisance birds or maintenance personnel. They also have a curved base to fit curved surfaces like signs and pipes.

Bird Wire Deterrent Installation

Bird Wire refers to spring-tensioned, stainless steel and nylon-coated wire unit that’s strung at different heights to form an irregular surface that averts nuisance birds from setting foot on your building. This technique is excellent for deterring pigeons as well as other larger birds. Bird Wire is GSA-approved for utility in repelling birds in both short and long distances.This bird pest control strategy is available with multiple attachments for deterring birds from pipes or beams. Our technicians will expertly install Bird Wire on exposed ledges, parapets, and more to eradicate bird damage from problem birds. It’s affordable, humane and requires minimal maintenance.

Bird Shock Track Deterrent Installation

The bird shock track unit is an electrified and flexible type of bird deterrent that we install in a plethora of surfaces to repel pest birds irrespective of their infestation level. We’ll install nearly invisible bird deterrent strips of shock track on your window sills or ledges that shock birds gently on contact, warning them to stay away from the area. Shock track units highly-proficient and a great option if you value aesthetics. It repels pigeons, sparrows, starlings, and other problem birds all over New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York.Our Bird shock track systems are flexible to fit different surface shapes, including curved architecture and sign letters. They are also cost-effective and deter nesting and roosting pest birds. They are constructed from U.V resistant stainless steel and PVC to protect your property for several years against bird issues.When looking for a reliable local bird control company for bird shock systems, settle for the Birds & Geese Beware Company since they offer humane systems that are safe for pets, birds, and individuals.

Bird Netting Deterrent Installation

Bird Netting is among the most compelling options for protecting your business against urban pest birds. Its efficiency in roosting bird habitats, and places of high infestation depend on proper installation. Our experts will install extremely versatile netting systems that can be utilized in disparate angles for proofing a glut of structures, including small perches, building roofs, and facades. Our technicians will properly install a vertically and horizontally running square mesh for virtually invisible netting. This type of bird exclusion is humane and does not hurt birds; it only keeps them off, unlike harmful bird control products.We offer nets in various mesh sizes in regards to the target problem species. 50mm mesh size is ideal for pigeons, 75mm for seagulls, 28mm for Starlings, 40 mm for Pheasants, and 19mm for Sparrows and smaller species. You select our nets based on colors such as Stone, Black, or white.We are also purveyors of different types of fixings. Select a suitable fixing depending on the kind of target surface, net size, installation duration, and expense. Our galvanized metal fixings are ideal for a low-budget netting solution. The stainless steel options are suitable for commercial and professional setups since they offer up to a decade of utility.

Rooftop & Signage Solutions-Deterrents

Rooftops and signage are crucial for your property management company. Besides marketing and attracting customers, signage reflects your firm’s branding and identity. Rooftops improve the aesthetics of the structure and offer extra space. Bird droppings leave unsightly scenes of signage and rooftops that damage your company’s name.These droppings from nuisance birds can be slippery and unhealthy to pets and personnel. They’re also acidic; thus, they are tiresome to remove and destroy signage and roofing.One of the best techniques of keeping birds away from your rooftop is installing spikes on the roof peak ledges. The uneven platform created by the spikes will deter problem birds from landing.It’s prudent to contract our installation services before erecting signs to avoid sign damage and defacement. We can also install bird control options when you notice the presence of nuisance birds since the more they linger around, the higher the signage .damage. For an economical and simple installation, we have special gear and lift tools.

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