Commercial Bird Control Services & Deterrents

There are many bird species that ordinary people don’t consider pests. However, if you are a business owner with a restaurant or own warehouses or other business types outside of town, you know the nuisance and damage that birds can bring about.Bird infestation can cause losses and cause diseases through food contamination. Therefore, bird pest control should be a priority for every business owner in town or the country.

Bird Control & Deterrent Services for Commercial Properties & Facilities

There are several companies like Birds & Geese Beware, Inc. that can provide bird deterrent solutions for commercial properties and facilities in areas around the North East USA. The bird control services are given to a facility depending on the infestation level, the nature of the business and the commercial property, and the bird species that have invaded the property.It is highly unlikely for a local bird control company to use potent chemical-based pesticides as a deterrent solution for properties that operate restaurants within them. The company should prescribe bird control products that will not contaminate the restaurant’s food or cause irritation to the customers. Warehouses and businesses with yards and open fields have more flexibility on the bird pest control methods they choose.

Bird Deterrent Systems for Rooftops & Signage

The best way to deter birds from your rooftop is to keep it well maintained and to fix everything that would attract them to your roof. Here are some of the things you should fix before searching for a local bird control company to install bird-control products.

Fix the small gaps and holes on the roof

Birds take advantage of available holes and gaps to provide shelter for their nests. There is roofing foam with a highly insular material that commonly attracts birds. Therefore, close all the gaps that may house unwanted birds and threaten an infestation on your roof.

Fix paddling and ponding on the roof

Most flat roofs collect water in small ponds when it rains, and birds are attracted to come and bathe or drink from them. Call upon a construction professional’s services to level your roof before visiting us or any other bird control services company.

Avoid gravel roofs

Some bird species, including pigeons, eat chunks of gravel to help with their digestion. Therefore, gravel-top roofs attract several birds. Secure the roof with a bitumen layer or a cap sheet to avoid attracting gravel eating birds.

Disinfect your roof to keep insects away

Most birds eat insects and bugs, and if your roof is full of insects, birds are likely to show up to feed on them. Visit a pest control company near you to purchase an adequate insecticide to do away with all bugs and insects from your roof.

Install efficient bird-proofing systems on your roof

Because the Migratory Bird Act maintains that it is illegal to remove birds and their eggs from their nests wherever they are, it is wiser to deter them from setting up camp on your roof in the first place. You can install netting, mesh, and vent covers on your roof or input scarecrow decoys to scare away birds from perching on your roof.

Types of Bird Deterrents We Install for Commercial Properties and(or) Facilities

At Birds and Geese Beware, Inc., we are dedicated to the humane removal and deterring of birds from residential and commercial properties. Depending on your unique situation, we can use any of the following installations to help you with your problem.

Bird Spikes Deterrent Installation

Bird spikes are a series of narrow spike strips placed on rooftops, window sills, and gutters where birds like to land and congregate. Bird spikes are attached to concrete or wood planes using hardened glue or screws.The plastic or steel spikes prevent birds from landing on your building. Larger birds like pigeons and seagulls have wide feet used for clutching, and the narrow spikes don’t provide them with enough space for them to land.Bird spikes are convenient and affordable. You can type in “spikes for bird control near me” to search for the most cost-effective bird spikes around your location.

Bird Wire Deterrent Installation

We mostly use bird wire deterrents as an alternative to bird spikes. They consist of stainless steel wires running from one post to another that deter birds from landing because of the nylon coating. Depending on the building design, the posts holding the wires use nylon anchor rivets, clamps, or glue. Bird wire deterrents are effective in controlling large birds like pigeons and seagulls. The advantages of bird wire deterrents are that they are durable, discrete, and flexible for buildings with different designs.

Bird Shock Track Deterrent Installation

The bird shock track deterrent prevents birds from landing on signage, ledges, knee walls, and rooftops by mildly electrifying them when they land. Therefore, the electric shock trains the birds not to land where the track is installed.However, bird shock track deterrents require wiring all the bird-prone areas of your building, which can be costly and complicated depending on the building’s design.The primary advantage of using bird shock tracks is that they are low-profile and unnoticeable. They can also deter a wider variety of birds than other protection measures.

Bird Netting Deterrent Installation

Bird netting is one of the most common bird control methods used to deter birds from roofs or large building spaces. The netting type and design are specific to the bird species that one wants to deter. Therefore, this method is only useful for properties that have only one bird as a pest.The advantage of bird netting is that they are easy to install, durable, and resistant to common elements of wear and tear. It is also a discrete way to prevent birds from your building.One problem associated with bird netting deterrent installation is that the nets frequently trap birds, and you need to check and remove them frequently.Before you ask yourself, “where can I find a company for effective bird control near me?” visit our website to see the bird control solutions we have for you.

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