Commercial Canada goose Control & Removal

The Canada Goose has become a huge pest problem in the Northeastern states. NJ, NY, and CT commercial properties have found many of their landscapes are prime real estate to these large birds. They have realized they are no longer migratory birds, as the resources in places like NJ, NY, and CT are abundant. With large birds, the amount of food they eat is around four pounds, which in turn makes them drop fecal matter in the two to three pound range per day. If you multiply this by an entire flock, and then again by several flocks, it can reek havoc on landscapes, agriculture, and structures.

Commercial Services

Commercial Canada goose removal is a necessity for those overwhelmed and overburdened with flocks of the bird. Goose removal is done efficiently, humanely, and effectively. Professionals are also hired to clean up messes left behind by the flocks. Their fecal matter carries disease such as salmonella and E.coli among others, which can contaminate water and is unsightly at the very least. You can rest assured that specialists in goose removal will work diligently to clear your commercial property of the unwelcome guests.

Safety of Your Customers Is Priority

Commercial Canada goose removal will keep your valued customers safe from the aggressive species, which is pertinent to repeat customers. Commercial service can include placement of laser lights, to scare the birds away; Goose Hazing, which also scares the birds and makes them feel this is an unsafe place to nest. Canada Goose Egg Addling is also an option to minimize reproducing.

What the Land Owner Can Do

It is a fact that the general public enjoy wildlife, and take pleasure in feeding them. Unfortunately, wildlife are not appreciative in the least. They learn the behavior, become more aggressive. They demand food and think they can beat it out of you, like nuts shaken out of a tree. In addition, it only encourages more and more birds to make their homes where they are being fed. The answer to this is posting signs that clearly and boldly demand that customers and visitors do not feed the birds. If it seems harsh, an option is to post second sign beneath the first, stating that the birds are destroying the property and carrying disease, they are aggressive and will chase and harass humans. People tend to listen and follow instructions better when they have an explanation of the policy. Another option is to change the landscape of your commercial property. Plants like Ivy and many wildflowers will not attract the Canada Goose. Keeping laser lights will scare the birds and they will leave. The very best advice is to contact a professional to personalize your treatment method according to your needs and properties.

The Canada Goose

The Canada Goose is a very large species of flight bird. It can reach up to three feet in height, and weigh as much as 14 pounds. The wingspan can stretch up to 6 feet! They are social birds within their species, staying most comfortable with their flock. The feathers on the head distinguishes them from other geese, being black with a white strip that wraps around their ‘chin’ behind the bottom of the beak. The young birds are covered in a fuzzy grey hair like feather called ‘gosling feathers’. These geese are becoming one of the largest pest birds in the northeast, due to continual reproduction, and the law that makes them a protected species. Their overpopulation causes destruction in urban and metro areas. This is why calling commercial Canada Goose Removal service providers is crucial.