Canada goose Control Emergency Services in NJ

Characterized by their long necks, black head and neck and a white patch on the chin, Canada goose are a magnificent species which for many years now have proven to be quite a menace. A few years ago they were the thrill for many bird enthusiasts, hunters and even the members of the public. Their beautiful V formation while flying was a sight to behold for most people. However today the winds have changed, and they are no longer as esteemed as before due to their rising numbers and increasing menace. Read on to find out how and the emergency solutions available for you.

Canada goose biology

Known as Branta Canadensis by their botanical name, Canada goose weigh differently based on their gender. A male adult goose weights approximately 7-14 lbs. And females weigh an average of 5-12 years. They often form lifetime bonds with their mates, but this is subject to change when a mate dies. A female goose can hatch up to 50 goslings in her lifetime. They lay 2-9 eggs which take 24-28 days to hatch, and within 24 hours the gosling is often able to swim and move about freely.

Human- Canada Goose conflicts

It is easy to wonder how these magnificent and unique birds can be a problem but if you’ve encountered them before, then we are sure you can live to tell the story. Canada goose are known to be incredibly protective of each other, and also their young and will aggressively attack anyone who approaches or comes near their nesting place. In respect to that this can prove to be a big problem if they nest near commercial or resident entryways and paths as they tend to attack anyone who uses them.

Besides their aggressiveness, Canada Goose are heavy eaters and spend 10 to 12 hours a day eating, and it is the biological rule that what goes in must come out. That creates another problem because they tend to defecate everywhere leaving you with a lot of cleaning work which you didn’t sign up for. In addition to that, they’ll quickly leave your once green well-manicured lawn destroyed with their eating while their noisy nature will cause you sleepless nights. Seek goose control help to prevent such problems.

Unfortunately, Canada goose are highly adaptable, and unlike other birds, simple environmental modifications like fencing won’t work, and neither will scare devices like electric fences or water sprinklers. To add on to that, they have a long lifespan and tend to return to their birthplace for mating and nesting hence once they identify your property as the ideal nesting place then you have a significant problem in future. What makes the situation even worse is that you cannot catch, relocate or take any other measure like shooting them down and here is why.

Legal status

One of the primary reasons why you can’t kill or remove a nest of Canada Geese from your property whenever you want or need to is because all Canada Goose species and that is inclusive of resident goose flocks are protected by state and federal laws. A few decades ago, the number of this bird species saw a monumental decline due to increased rates of hunting and habitat loss a factor that led to them being declared an endangered species to curb the hunting and protect them from being extinct.

In respect to that, anyone who wants to kill, catch or do anything that is related to goose removal must first seek the consent to do so from the relevant authorities within his/her area. Doing so can prove to be quite a hectic process thanks to the lengthy time-consuming processes involved. Fortunately, you don’t have to bear with the lengthy processes involved because we got your back with our residential goose removal emergency solutions in CT, NJ, and NY.

Commercial and residential Canada goose control emergency services

As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to shoulder the burden of Canada goose on your property. As a fully certified and experienced company, we not only boast the authorization to offer you goose removal services but also highly experienced and skilled staff who will work themselves to the finger bone to leave you satisfied with the results. We pride ourselves on a diverse array of humane goose control options that are specifically tailored to suit each situation and season. For instance, to prevent nesting, we apply egg addling. We can also make your home unappealing to geese by sprinkling turf taste repellent to grass thus forcing them to leave as they no longer have anything to feed on. Alternatively, we also install nets to ponds to prevent them from landing there, or we can capture and relocate them and enjoy the peace of not sharing your property with any aggressive birds.

Due to our vast knowledge and experience we are aware of what works and what doesn’t depending on the situation, and we will develop perfect fit solutions to solve your problems. Contact us today for our Canada goose control emergency services in NY, NJ, and CT and let us put our state of the art equipment, experience, and proficiency to work and leave you with a home or piece of property that is Canada goose free.