Canada goose Behavioral Modification Services in NY, NY & CT

Birds are a natural occurrence to see, however, the goose can be one type of bird that travels in flocks and can become a problem whether it is at a commercial or residential location. The goose often becomes this problem bird due to humans since they will remain where they are finding food, which is often given to them by humans. When birds do not find food, water or a place to stay they will not remain in that location since it does not have what they need.

Goose Behavior

The answer in many cases for this type of bird is Canada goose Behavior Modification since it is a way to allow the bird to leave for a better area for their safety. Especially when it is a commercial location where they could be harmed or injured. This is a humane way to care for the wild bird in NY for example since the city and airports are traffic congested and dangerous for wildlife. The most common places the goose is found becoming a nuance at commercial locations is where they are going to find food in any of three states, NY, NJ or CT because of their travel paths.

Changes and Safety

While the goose is a majestic bird with a unique sound having them remain in an area they are getting food can be a hazard to them rather than helping the bird. If the goose is a problem and in an area that they could be harmed it could be dangerous for them to avoid Canada goose Behavior Modification since this is a way to move them to a safe space rather than allowing the dangerous situation to continue that over time will reduce the population of these birds. There are several ways of modifying the bird’s behavior, including removing what is enticing the goose to remain where it is staying in NJ for instance by removing the food it is able to have access. If the bird is not finding food it will move on to where it can. If the problem is a water source there are ways to change that to an unwelcoming environment such as planting bushes or other large plants near the shore or covering the shoreline with small stones. This is so the goose has no welcoming place near the pond or stream it finds acceptable to stay. In changing the environment to be less welcoming the bird will move on its own generally.

The birds can be a joy to watch even the goose if it is not their natural habitat. However, it is not healthy for the bird or flock to settle in a residential or commercial area. It is kinder to ensure the bird moves on to a place that is better for their health even if they find a residential location enticing it still is not the type of place that is good for their health. The property owner will also find having this kind of bird on their property in CT can be destructive so changing the environment or getting professional help is better for both the property owner and the goose. Canada goose Behavior Modification is a method that is completely harmless to the goose and at the same time better for this wild bird since they will naturally relocate to a more environmentally compatible place until the flock moves on to their next location in their migration path. This is generally a path the flock will take annually or even twice per year. However, finding a location they can be fed rather than search for their food can be enticing for any wildlife including the goose.