Canada geese Control or Removal in Tom’s River, NJ

Canada geese are beautiful, majestic birds that inspire us as they fly overhead in perfect formation. However, on the ground, these birds can be a nuisance and even dangerous.

A senior living community with a large green space and a pond is especially attractive to migrating flocks. However, a goose can pose potential health risks to active seniors. Not only do they carry parasites that can be transmitted to humans but their droppings are unsightly and are a risk for falls and injury. A nesting goose can also become aggressive if someone gets too close to the nest. This is when experts at Canada geese control are often called in to deal with the problem.

According to the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife, the Canada goose population has exploded over the past eighteen years due to hunting regulations. Add to this the fact that New Jersey offers these birds a mild climate and plenty of fresh water inland and you can see why Canada geese control is necessary. Another factor is that these birds form an attachment to places where they have nested previously and will return to them every year.

Hunting may be a good option in rural areas but it may not be acceptable in a densely populated area like Tom’s River, NJ. A better option is to make a senior living community as unattractive to geese as possible. This can be done using a variety of non-lethal methods but the best is Canada geese chasing dogs.

Border collies, bred and trained in Tom’s River, New Jersey are ideal for this specialized assignment. Their natural instinct to chase has been refined to the point where they herd birds away from problem areas. The birds are not harmed in this process but the dogs make the area unpleasant for them and discourage them from nesting. This imprints on the birds so they will not return to that particular locale. So this offers a more permanent, non-lethal solution.

Another non-lethal method is known as hazing. This involves harassing flocks of geese with noise. Some of the most effective noise deterrents include firing blanks or banging metal objects. However, the residents of a senior living community may find that this level of noise is annoying to them as well. So it is better to consult a professional service before trying this method.

Above all, the best way to control problem flocks is to deprive them of the things that make a green space attractive to them. Do not feed them, limit access to water through careful landscaping and prevent peaceful nesting through trained dogs. This will prevent them from setting up house keeping in your community and discourage them from returning year after year. Before long, you should be able to enjoy your outdoor space without having to deal with unsightly droppings or fear of aggressive geese.

Areas Within the Tom’s River Township we provide service for: 

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  • Cedar Grove, NJ
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  • Ocean Beach, NJ
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  • Pelican Island, NJ
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  • White Oak Bottom, NJ
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