Seagull & Seabird Control Services

Owners of commercial and residential property near the beach or water-front in New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, or New York know what a nuisance seagulls, other seabirds, pigeons, sparrows, starlings and swallows can be. Their droppings are corrosive and can damage and destroy roofs and signs on residential housing properties and commercial facilities. Droppings from flocks of these birds carry disease-causing bacteria and their dropping and nests are also breeding grounds for fleas, lice, mites, ticks, carrion flies, carpet beetles and other pests. We can help.

Effective, Efficient, Humane Solutions

We are Birds & Geese Beware, Inc. and we can provide property owners with effective, efficient, humane solutions to their bird nuisance problems. We have a wide range of bird pest control and deterrent products and methods property owners can use stop the nuisance seagulls, other seabirds, pigeons, sparrows, starlings and swallows whose droppings do damage to the roofs and signage, leave an unhealthy, unsightly mess on lawns, plants and gardens and destroy landscaping at home and businesses. We also offer fast, effective, affordable power-washing and bird dropping cleanup services.

Essential Seabird Control Services

Birds are not considered pests by the average person. But for beach and water-front property owners in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, seagulls, other species of sea birds and pigeons, sparrows, starlings and swallows can be a nightmare. Left uncontrolled, these birds regularly do significant damage to the commercial and residential properties in the region, Huge flocks of these unwanted visitors often create an unsafe and unhealthy environment for workers and residents and force property owners to constantly do expensive repairs. But we can help.

Seabird Deterrent and Seabird Control Products

At Birds Beware, Inc., we have many effective, humane bird deterrent and bird control services and products. We can quickly, easily and affordably install them on any type or size commercial or residential property. These products don’t hurt or injure the birds. They simply discourage them from landing, sitting or nesting on the roofs or signs of the multi-family housing properties or commercial buildings. Our bird control products don’t hurt the look, feel and function of the buildings on which we install them or make them look ugly. If you ever said I wish I had a company offering effective bird control near me, we are your wish come true.

Seagull-Seabird Deterrents That Genuinely Work!

Bird Netting

One humane, non-lethal bird control method we use on homes and business properties is bird netting installation. Spread over the entire surface of the roof, the netting makes it near-impossible for the birds to land, sit or nest. The nets don’t trap or hurt the birds, they just deter them from trying to land. The bird netting can be installed quickly and is an efficient, effective and affordable way to prevent birds of all types from becoming a serious nuisance, a danger or a health hazard to workers and residents in waterfront homes and businesses.

Bird Wire

Another effective, non-lethal, humane method we use to deter seagulls, other seabirds, pigeons, sparrows, starlings and swallows from landing, sitting and nesting on roofs of beach and water-front properties is to install bird wire. This simple, inexpensive product is an excellent bird control method that helps keep flocks of birds off roofs and signs. The bird wire doesn’t harm the birds, it just makes them uncomfortable so they find somewhere else to land and sit. For property owners, having us install bird wire is an easy and affordable way to keep nuisance birds away.

Bird Spike Installation

Many people consider bird spikes the best, most effective and easiest way to make it near-impossible for birds to land on your property. Made from narrow strips of plastic or stainless-steel spikes, bird spikes can be attached to roofs, ledges, eaves, window sills, cornices, HVAC installations, beams, girders, parapets, towers, or any metal, wood or concrete surface with glue, nails or screws. They don’t need any maintenance, are weather-resistant and a strong, safe, effective, permanent physical bird barrier that’s almost invisible and won’t decay or corrode. Environmentally safe, the spikes are a non-lethal, easy to install, harmless deterrent.

Bird Shock-Track Systems

These are low-profile roof and ledge bird deterrent systems that use a mild, non-lethal electric current that conditions all species of birds to stay away. They eliminate the problem of seagulls and other nuisance birds trying to land, perch, roost or nest on roofs or other areas of commercial or residential buildings. Made with plastic tracks that are flexible and contain embedded electrical conductors, bird shock-track systems can be connected to a rechargeable battery housed in a weather-proof receptacle. The tracks are easy to install and very effective with any type or size of nuisance birds.

Sound Deterrents

Some property owners prefer using sound deterrents to keep away seagulls, pigeons and other birds that damage their properties with their droppings. Bird sound deterrents are a humane way to keep nuisance birds away from homes and commercial properties. The sound deterrents are devices programmed to make sounds to activate various bird species’ natural instincts to avoid and fly away from buildings from which come certain sounds they perceive as signaling danger. The devices are very effective in getting nuisance birds to stay away by broadcasting certain sonic noises and distress calls.

Why Choose Birds Beware Inc. for Seabird Control Services

If you live near the waterfront or beach in the northeast United States and want a local bird control company you can trust, we’re the best choice. We are a insured and certified local bird control company with over 20 years experience. If you have ever said I wish there were a company offering quality bird control near me, we are the local bird control company you wished for. We’re bird pest control specialists.We offer a range of very effective, easy to install, humane bird pest control products and services for homes and businesses at affordable prices. Call us today if you want proven, safe, humane, effective nuisance bird solutions.

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