Canada Geese Control Services for Stadiums or Fields in NJ, NY or CT

canada geese control fields & stadiumsStadiums and sports fields are common places for Canadian Geese to gather. Oftentimes the geese will wait until people leave the field before returning to graze, so some may not even consider it an issue until they truly experience the side effects of allowing the geese to stay. The quality of your sporting field will suffer greatly from an invasion of Canada Geese. Things like the appearance of your field, the safety of your visitors, and the peaceful atmosphere of your field are at risk when a flock of Canada Geese decides to nest or graze there. Because it can be such a rampant and persistent problem, and a safety issue as well, it’s imperative to find an effective solution. Managing a stadium or field in NJ, NY, or CT can be stressful enough without having to worry about annoying flocks of geese. Luckily there does exist a very natural, humane solution for managing the removal of Canada Geese populations that is very effective.

How We Solve Your Canada Geese Problem at Stadiums or Fields in NJ, NY, or CT

This simple and humane solution is using “Canada Goose Chasing Dogs” – Specially trained dogs are used to herd the geese, much like they would sheep. This method is widely used to convince a flock of geese to leave an area and to stay gone. The dogs are trained to appear as predators to the geese to scare them into leaving while causing no actual harm to them. This helps convince geese population to leave an area out of fear for themselves and their young. This will even result in some geese sending warning calls to others, dissuading additional geese from returning afterwards. The desired result is that the geese will be forever dissuaded from returning to the area simply because they are under the impression that it is unsafe for them. It’s normal to perform multiple sessions to reach a point where all geese are completely gone but even after just one session, you will see a large drop in the returning geese population. Eventually multiple sessions with Canada Goose Chasing Dogs will convince the geese to leave permanently. Once the service is complete, your visitors can enjoy a Canada Geese free stadium or field. No more unsightly piles of droppings, or obnoxious honking, or terrifying geese attacks. Only your clean, beautiful and lively stadium or field, safe for athletes, spectators, employees, and visitors alike!

The Reasons that Canada Geese Removal is a Necessity at Stadiums or Fields in NJ, NY, CT

Geese grazing on your grass will leave the fields’ well manicured state look much worse off. These geese are also known for having loud and obnoxious “honks” and “calls” that may disturb players, spectators, and visitors. The droppings all over your field will make it look unprofessional and messy, and they will make it very uncomfortable and unsanitary to use the field. No players want to slip on or kick up bird droppings when they should be focusing on their game. The reputation of your stadium or field could easily suffer if the problem gets out of hand! However geese are not just a simple annoyance. Their mere presence can cause serious injury to people as well. The droppings can carry diseases and may even cause somebody to slip and fall – an injury you become liable for! These geese also happen to be very territorial. This means that an innocent bystander who happens to wander nearby a goose nest could suffer a goose attack. Considering stadiums and fields are fun for the whole family, the injury could happen to a child or an elderly person, someone who could get seriously hurt. There is no doubt owners of stadiums and fields in NJ, NY, and CT must take precaution to protect their patrons and their employees by implementing a goose removal strategy.

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