Bird & Canada Geese Control Solutions for Schools or Universities in NJ, NY, CT

school bird & geese controlBirds as well as Canada Geese can be a major nuisance to all types of schools. From students to teachers and other staff, everyone should be protected from these pests. The types of schools we provide bird or Canada geese control for include:

  • Public Schools
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Private Schools
  • Charter Schools
  • Urban Schools
  • Special Needs Schools
  • Rural Schools
  • Magnet Schools

The Reasons that Bird & Canada Geese Removal is a Necessity at Schools or Universities in NJ, NY, CT

There are always a few factors that we like to discuss when it comes to bird or geese control on school properties. There are specific reasons why it’s so necessary to have a preventative protection plan in place. While birds don’t pose a potentially life-threatening risk, they can wreak havoc on your property and cause far more damage than you may have anticipated. 


The safety of your students, faculty and staff is paramount. When it comes to Birds, they like to flock and roost together in the same places. When this occurs, they leave plenty of droppings and waste behind. These droppings contain human transmittable diseases which are harmful. The nests also have a high probability of being the home of other pests such as mites, ticks, or fleas. So, for example, if you have a bird nesting problem on your school building’s rooftop near HVAC units, the bacteria found in droppings could be sucked in through the ducts and ingested by anyone breathing in the air. This could spread disease. It’s also an excellent entrance for other pests living in the nesting sites to make their way into classrooms.


Schools are prestigious places. The image you want to convey to the general public is of pride and dedication to education. However, this entire image becomes tarnished when you’ve got hundreds of birds making noise as well as bird droppings literally all over the exterior of your school. For parents, students, and staff, it’s quite the eyesore and a distraction from a true learning experience.


During off-months of the year when maintenance crews are brought in to clean interiors, exteriors and more, the mess birds and Canada geese leave behind can be beyond their pay grade. This is no insult to all of the people out there in charge of maintenance but to be specific, an HVAC business is called in to prepare your entire heating and cooling system for another year or period of healthy air flow. They are not trained or equipped to properly clean out bird droppings or to prevent them problem from happening in the future.

How We Solve Your Bird & Canada Geese Problem at Your School or University in NJ, NY, or CT

We have a zero-tolerance policy for any type of nuisance bird or Canada geese problem on your school premises. Our team of bird control specialists are equipped with the right tools, expertise and deterrents to keep all of your nuisance pests far away from your school property. We use a wide array of deterrent to keep birds and Canada geese away.

Bird Spikes

Don’t be alarmed, all of our nuisance bird deterrent devices are completely humane. Our spikes are just sharp enough so that when birds do try to land and perch themselves up to prepare to roost, they won’t be able to.

Bird Shock Tracks

These are perfect for establishments that are heavily image conscious. Our bird shock tracks are practically naked to the human eye. They work by sending a harmless jolt to any bird attempting to land. The electricity is just enough to get the signal across: “No Landing Here”

Bird Netting

For areas that are much wider such as underneath field seats or in garages, bird netting is the perfect deterrent. We can custom fabricate nets to any measurement specifications dictated by you or the project and install them to keep birds from nesting in areas where other deterrents are capable of being installed.

Bird Wires

Bird wire is also excellent for those that are image conscious. It’s a very thin nylon based wire and follows the same “land and leave” logic as our spikes or shock track systems. A bird will try to land on the wire and simply won’t be able to maintain stability. This will tell the bird that your rooftop is not a good roosting spot and they will stay away.

Canada Goose Chasing Dogs for Schools

Canada geese are notorious for flocking throughout open areas at schools such as soccer fields, football fields, baseball fields, playgrounds, lakes and more. Don’t worry about any of this. We have a specialized Canada goose chasing dog handler on staff that can scare your Geese away in no time at all. Our dogs are completely friendly to everyone except Geese! They are specially trained to sniff them out and even have the courage to chase geese out of small bodies of water. You won’t have to deal with goose droppings all over your grass after calling us.

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