Residential Canada goose Control & Removal in NJ, NY & CT

The Canada goose is the kind of bird seen as a pest due to the character and behavior. The bird is good at ripping apart lawns and landscaping. Also, it can destroy commercial properties, take up sidewalks, attack passersby, and build nests on properties. Therefore, many people opt for the Canada goose removal to avoid nuisance. Some people, who like the nuisance aspect of the bird, do love it around, but many people will not tolerate its destructive nature. Even two birds in your property can cause havoc to the surrounding vegetation, mainly since the bird eats a huge amount of important grass.

It can be challenging driving away the birds. When you chase them away, they will come back again. Else, it is a trend that if the Canada goose ever set a dwelling place in your property, it will always go back to the area every season of the year. If you want to drive away the pests completely, you should involve a professional. At Birds and Goose Beware, Inc, we use particular methods for the Canada goose removal in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. We understand perfectly well the birds’ habit, their habitat, and the nuisance they bring to a place where they should not.

It is illegal to kill the goose according to the law in NY, NJ, and CT. Therefore, the population becomes larger with time, primarily due to the food availability and movement from one place to another. Our company specializes in the Residential Canada goose Removal through friendly and humane means. We use non-lethal methods to take care of the wildlife by chasing the birds away to other places. If your residential area gets invaded by the goose, you should seek assistance as immediate as possible. In cities like NY, NJ, and CT, the birds do not have potential predators. Thus, their population keeps on increasing.

Mainly, Canada goose becomes aggressive to anyone who portrays any threat to the flock or going closer to its nest. Many amenities like airports close. The birds like the area around an airport to build nests on old engines. If not cautious, the goose can chase away your customers from your business. Many calls we receive from our clients for Residential Canada goose Removal concern cleaning up of the mess caused by the birds. No one wants to step on the goose droppings. Also, the birds make the compound untidy with feathers, digging holes, and making a lot of noise.

Many of the public parks and beaches close because of the high rate of building of the goose droppings. Averagely, a Canada goose can eat more than four pounds of grass a day. Consequently, the bird will produce not less than three pounds of droppings each day. Therefore, you can try to imagine when a whole flock sets a residing place in your residential. The droppings can lead to food poisoning, hence endangering the general health of the human beings. These contaminants include Salmonella, Listeria, Escherichia coli, and Chlamydia.

At Birds and Goose Beware, Inc, we use trained goose-herd dogs that qualify to chase the Canada goose away from the area entirely. Many people try to use ordinary dogs. The unqualified dog will drive the bird away, and after some time, the goose will still come back. With the untrained dog, the Canada goose will not think of the animal as much of a threat. Our dogs do not kill the birds: it is a humane way to keep off the birds. Also, you should not handle dead Canada goose. Let the qualified handlers come and clean the compound for you and disinfect every corner of your home area. We provide a sterilized clean up and ensure no further problem will develop in future.