How to control Canadian Geese at your house of worship in New Jersey 

Churches, temples and mosques in New Jersey not only attract worshipers. They also attract Canadian Geese. And while the birds are beautiful, they can also become nuisances by causing noise and leaving unsanitary droppings behind as a reminder of their “visit.” We service:

  • Churches
  • Temples
  • Synagogues
  • Mosques

And any other place of worship…Canadian Geese can also become aggressive, leaving places of worship wondering how they can humanely get them to leave their property. Here are a few steps churches, temples and mosques can take to bid farewell to their unwanted guests.1. Members and visitors should be discouraged from feeding the geese. Feeding geese will only bring more of them to your location. Remind everyone that human food is not good for geese and that the birds can be quickly domesticated when being feed. Consider putting “Do Not Feed the Geese” signs on your property. Properly dispose of all garbage and keep it out of reach of the birds. 2. Geese really like to eat short grass, so consider growing the grass on your property longer during the cold months in New Jersey as a way of discouraging them from coming onto your property. In the spring and summer, keep watering and fertilizer application to a minimum. 3. Call in the dogs. Canadian Geese consider dogs a threat. Thing about using herding breeds such as trained Boarder collies to chase them off church property. If you don’t want dogs on your property, you can use decoys such as fake alligator heads and even plastic representations of dead geese to help keep them away.4. The louder things are, the less geese like it. Use a sonic repellent that utilizes a goose “alarm” call to ward off the birds. Be aware that this will only work for a little while, because the geese will become accustomed to the sound.If the above steps do not work for your church property, consider hiring a professional geese remover. When you are dealing with a whole gaggle of geese, special traps are often necessary. A professional will be trained in how to prop0erly install and monitor the traps. After the geese have been caught, will be able to relocate them to a more appropriate area.Most often, the professional will use what is known as a drop net trap to remove the geese. Drop net traps are simply large nets that are tied up on four large poles set into the ground. Drop net traps are especially effective if you have a large number of geese on your church property. This method of goose removal does take a few days to prepare. You first have to get the gaggle of geese together at the location by placing food there in order to attract them to gathering under the net. After all of the geese are under the net, it must be activated manually.Professional goose removers are also trained in the proper way to addle geese eggs and to prevent them from hatching.Professionals addle the unhatched eggs less than two weeks old in order to prevent air from passing through the shell. You must be registered with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service before you can addle geese eggs. Professionals can also remove goose eggs that are less than 14 days old and dispose of them according to the laws of the state. Keeping Canadian Geese off of your church property can make attending services at your church, temple or synagogue more enjoyable for your congregation and can be professionally done to ensure that no harm comes to the geese while they are being removed and relocated. 

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