Canada Geese Control from Parks or Playgrounds in NJ, NY or CT

parks & playgroundsParks and playgrounds in NJ, NY, and CT are notorious hangout spots for Canada Geese. Seeing as they are mostly public spaces, it is imperative that they should be safe and free of pest birds that could cause harm to visitors. Parks and playgrounds are large outdoor areas, making it difficult to decide on a plan to remove birds that will work effectively on such a large area. The children and elderly are also frequent visitors to parks and playgrounds, they are more at risk of injury from the geese and their aggressive nature. Simply being near a Canada Geese nest might trigger an attack from an overly territorial bird, which could cause injury and leave you liable for what happens. If you’re suffering from an out of control Canada Geese population in your park or playground – it can feel futile to drive out these birds on your own. Luckily there is a tried and tested method to removal of these Canada Geese that is simple, natural, humane, and non harmful.

How We Solve Your Canada Geese Problem at Parks or Playgrounds in NJ, NY, or CT

A simple and humane solution that is very commonly used to combat an aggressive Canada geese problem is by using “Canada Goose Chasing Dogs”. This method is widely used to convince a flock of geese to leave an area and to stay gone. Specially trained dogs are used to herd the geese, much like they would sheep. Not only that – but the dogs are trained to appear as predators to the geese while causing no actual harm to them. This helps convince geese population to leave an area out of fear for themselves and their young. Some geese will even send warning calls to others, dissuading additional geese from returning afterwards. The desired result is that the geese will be permanently dissuaded from returning to the area simply because they are under the impression that it is unsafe for them. After just one session, you will see a large drop in the returning geese population. Eventually multiple sessions with Canada Goose Chasing Dogs will convince the geese to leave permanently. Once the service is complete, your visitors can enjoy a Canada Geese free park or playground. No more unsightly piles of droppings, or obnoxious honking, or terrifying geese attacks. Only your clean, wonderful park or playground as it was meant to be enjoyed!

The Reasons that Canada Geese Control is a Necessity at Parks or Playgrounds in NJ, NY, CT

It can be hard to maintain a balance of respecting the natural appeal of parks and playgrounds while still dealing with pests and certain wildlife. Nevertheless, Canada Geese are a known nuisance that are best left far away from public areas likes parks and playgrounds. Not only are they loud and obnoxious, but they can become very territorial when nesting leading to them being aggressive. This can become a safety issue for children and the elderly, who are very likely to attend these parks and playgrounds. However an attack from an angered Canada Goose is not the only potential for injury they bring. The droppings from the birds can easily cause somebody to slip and fall and become seriously injured. Not to mention that the droppings also carry disease – and is the last thing you want a child on a playground to come across. Lastly, large groups of geese or geese droppings leaves the once beautiful outdoor area look gross, messy, and unmaintained. Park maintenance already requires a lot of work, why add to it by cleaning up bird droppings and trying to unsuccessfully corral the birds somewhere else? Any park or playground in NJ, NY, or CT should be utilizing some sort of permanent Canada Geese removal service if they are faced with an invasion of Canada Geese.

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