Canada geese Control for Concert Arenas & Entertainment Venues

Regardless of how you feel about the geese that you see on the street or around your home, you’ll likely feel different when you see those geese taking over your business. Your business is your livelihood and how you make your money. With commercial Canada geese control, you can keep those geese from attacking your customers and make your venue a place that people want to visit. Controlling the geese population is especially important in New Jersey because these geese can stop on their way out town before winter.

Dangers of Wild Geese

Geese, like other types of wild animals, fly away before cold weather hits. They return when the warm weather returns. NJ is prone to strange weather conditions though that can lead to days that are bright and warm, days that are cold and snowy and days with a mixture of weather conditions. This can actually confuse those geese and make them stick around longer than they should. Those geese may decide to stick around throughout winter too. Wild geese can cause some serious damage to property owners. These animals can grow defensive over their habitats, make loud noises that distract your customers, leave behind feces on outdoor areas and even attack some of your customers.

Egg Control and Removal

One of the services that we offer to concert arena and entertainment venue owners is something called egg control and removal. Female geese lay eggs and sit on those eggs until they hatch, which leads to a new batch of problems as the geese grow and take over the surrounding areas. Egg control and removal services help you stop the geese population in your area. This process teaches the new geese that your venue is no longer safe, which will cause them to seek out another habitat.

Canada Goose Removal

Commercial Canada geese control for New Jersey businesses can also include goose removal. This is especially helpful among areas that are home to aggressive geese. Geese can become aggressive for a number of different reasons, but most of these birds act out because they feel like their homes are in danger. The animals view customers and workers as threats and may view other animals as threats too. Removing one or more of the aggressive geese can make the other geese feel less safe and cause them to leave.

Environment Modifications

An outdoor entertainment venue or a concert arena may find an environment modification useful too. Geese often return to the same areas that they view as home year after year. If you had a problem with geese in the past, you’ll likely find yourself dealing with the same problems after the birds return in the spring. Geese control services like environment modifications can change the way they feel about their habitats. These services include removing the features that geese like and changing the landscape to make them want to seek out a new home.Even those who love listening to music and seeing bands perform will skip going to an entertainment venue that they like because of wild ducks that attack them or make noises so loud that they cannot hear the performers on stage. As the owner of a concert arena in New Jersey, you can take steps to protect your customers and employees. Call to learn more about the top commercial Canada geese control services that can help.

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