Bird Control Solutions for Parking Garages in NJ, NY, CT

parking garage bird controlParking garages are notorious for having some of the worst bird infestation issues around New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. Fortunately, we have plenty of experience providing bird control deterrent solutions for practically any size parking garage in the Tri-state area. Whether outdoor or indoor, parking garages are very, very easy targets for birds to roost in. They are able to easily fly in through specific access points and begin perching themselves up on beams and ledges to seek shelter. From this vantage point, they’ll constantly fly around looking for food on the ground or in garbage cans, and produce droppings everywhere. 

The Reasons that Bird Removal is a Necessity at Parking Garages in NJ, NY, CT

Bird control is a large necessity at indoor parking garages, outdoor parking garages and parking lots because of the enormous messes they tend to leave behind. Chances are, your parking garage is connected to larger commercial facility, shopping mall or medical office building. The smell, sound and appearance of these droppings is enough to make people avoid parking in your lot to begin with. Below are a few strategies we utilize when doing large or small projects in parking spaces for nuisance bird protection.

Bird Droppings in Parking Garages

You have people from all walks of life driving their cars into your garage(s) or lot(s) and entrusting that their car will be safe and untouched when they get back to it. Imagine their surprise, when they come back and see their vehicle covered in feathers and droppings. Bird droppings are inherently acidic and will burn through a car’s paint in no time at all. These are liabilities you need to be aware of. On top of this, after a visitor has this type of experience in your garage, what would make them want to come back again? 

Proper Preventative Maintenance for Parking Garages

Keeping your garage and parking lots properly maintained and cleaned is an important part of bird control. You have to remember that they are constantly in search of food. They will go through trash receptacles, staircases, and scatter all over the ground if any source of food is found. You can mitigate these issues by emptying the trash daily, adding lids which seal to the trash receptacles and making sure your garage or lot is kept as clean as possible to avoid the presence of these pests. 

How We Solve Your Bird Problem at Your Parking Garages in NJ, NY, or CT

We love providing fixes for nuisance birds in parking garages and lots because the difference is so striking and effective. Since we’re dealing with wide open spaces, our team will go over your property and analyze any plus all entrance or exit points. We’ll determine common sites for roosting including exposed beams. After this is done we’ll present you with a list of deterrent options which will control, if not make your bird problem disappear entirely. 

Bird Netting for Parking Garages

This is one of the most common and effective means of controlling a bird population in bulk. For wide open spaces as well as entrances or exits, we’ll fabricate custom bird netting for your parking garage. This acts as a barrier to keep birds completely out of your garage. They may try to fly in, but there won’t be anywhere for them to land since we’ve covered up all areas they might perch on. 

Bird Spikes for Parking Garages

For specific beams, rafters or ledges, spikes can do an excellent job of keeping birds from roosting. We offer a few different varieties and types. They are completely humane and are just sharp enough to make landing impossible. We strategically lay them out in strips. 

Bird Shock Tracks for Parking Garages

Our bird shock tracks for parking garages are just as effective as they are discreet. They are almost invisible and work just as expected. If a bird happens to land on an exposed beam with a shock track installed, they’ll be met with a harmless jolt that has just enough power to send them flying away. 

Bird Wires for Parking Garages

For ledges, bird wire deterrents work much in the same way as spikes or shock tracks. We introduce a steel-coated nylon wire attached by small beams on each side. When a bird tries to land, it will be met with a complete lack of balance. This makes wire deterrents excellent and affordable bird deterrents for parking garages.

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