Bird Control Solutions for Food Production Facilities in NJ, NY, CT

food processing facility bird controlBird control for food production or processing facilities is extremely important. This is not a service that can just be ignored or glazed over. If you own, operate or manage a food processing facility in New Jersey with a bird infestation problem, we’d implore you to give us or another bird control company a call. 

The Reasons that Bird Control is a Necessity at Food Production Facilities in NJ, NY, CT

Pest birds can cause significant health and safety issues if not controlled properly. This isn’t even taking into account potential facility closure due to health code violations. A food processing facility is the perfect target for nuisance birds. Why do you ask? Because your facility offers the only three things they crave to survive

  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Shelter

If a contamination is found, health officials could close the plant from days, to weeks, to months. Once you’ve determined that there’s been a contamination at the plant, drastic steps should be taken. At Birds and Geese Beware, Inc. the very first step we would take is conducting a complete site audit.This is performed so that our technicians can see where nesting occurs, look for additional contamination sites and figure out all the entry points in which birds are finding their way into your facility.Upon completing our site audit, we’ll share the full report with you and begin working. Our top priorities will be setting up the proper bird deterrent devices and cleaning your facility to make it spotless. 

How We Solve Your Bird Problem at Your Food Production Facilities in NJ, NY, or CT

Along the rooftop, ledges or parapet walls of your food processing plant, birds will most likely be nesting here. We’ll pressure wash these areas in addition to HVAC equipment in order to remove and droppings or nesting debris. Once these areas have been completely sanitized, our team will get to work setting you up with the necessary deterrents. 

Bird Spikes for Food Processing Facilities in NJ, NY, or CT

We install spikes in plastic or steel based form and lay them out panel by panel across your rooftop or ledges. They are fully humane and will prevent birds from landing.

Bird Shock Tracks Food Processing Facilities in NJ, NY, or CT

A shock track can be installed piece by piece similarly to our bird spikes system. Upon a bird’s landing, it will provide a harmless jolt with enough power to send a direct message that says “Stay Away”. 

Bird Wires for Food Processing Facilities in NJ, NY, or CT

This is another great alternative to an electric shock track or bird spikes. If a flock of birds tries to land on the wire we’ve installed throughout your rooftop, they won’t be able to perch. The wire’s what keeps them completely off balance. This is an affordable, excellent solution toward keeping nuisance birds away.

Bird Netting for Food Processing Facilities in NJ, NY, or CT

The above mentioned deterrents won’t be too effective for something like a loading dock. For the ultimate in bird exclusion, wee’d recommend the installation of bird netting which can be custom fabricated to match your measurement needs. Our nets will completely keep any or all birds from entering your food processing plant.

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