Nuisance Canada goose Control & Removal

Over the past few decades, the number of geese roaming around the Northwestern United States has become somewhat of an issue. In response to this issue, a company known as Birds Beware Inc was formed. This is a company that specializes in nuisance Canada goose control & removal. With over 20 years of experience under their belt, they have been doing everything to ensure the local geese don’t impede people’s commutes or otherwise interfere in people’s business. Their business covers much of the northwestern United States, including NJ, NY, and CT. So what exactly is their business? They specialize in helping business owners who are having trouble with geese congregating in or around their businesses. They remove them from the premises.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking. What happens to the geese after they are removed from the premises? Well, rest assured, the tactics they use in their nuisance Canada goose control & removal are completely safe and humane. No birds are harmed in the during the process of their removal. Some of the tools they use include bird spikes, shock tracks, netting, wires and hunting dogs. Those might sound like harmful weapons but rest assured all the tools they use are not dangerous to the birds in any way, shape or form. They are merely designed to rid the store, school, church, etc. of any birds that may be causing an inconvenience to those who work there.

And it’s not just geese. They can also help you with pigeons, starlings, sparrows, swallows, and seagulls. And it’s not just stores and schools either. They also cover parking garages, stadiums, fields, bodies of water, nursing homes, parks and playgrounds, entertainment venues, office complexes, medical facilities, hotels, strip malls, and industrial sites. Wherever you may be experiencing bird trouble, Birds & Geese Beware Inc. can help with your pest control problem.

If you’re curious to know more about their methods, you may be wondering how their equipment works. Their first tool, the bird spikes, ensures that birds are unable to land on your property. Then there are the bird shock tracks which send a harmless volt of electricity up through the birds thereby discouraging them from remaining on your property. These tracks are completely invisible to the naked eye and do not injure the birds in any way, shape or form. Their other tools include bird netting, bird wires, and hunting dogs. Bird netting is designed to deter any birds from nesting on your property while the bird wires prevent birds from gaining stability when landing, thereby ensuring they flock elsewhere. Finally, they have bird-chasing dogs.

These canines are friendly to everyone except birds. They will sniff out any birds residing on your property and chase them off your land. Rest assured, they have been trained not to harm the birds in any way but, rather, scare them off to ensure they don’t return. They provide these services to all types of educational facilities, including public schools, colleges, universities, private schools, charter schools, urban schools, special needs schools, rural schools, and magnet schools. They even provide services to clean up any feces the birds may have left behind while taking up residence on your property. With their efficient bird dropping pressure washing process, they ensure that there is no trace of bird feces anywhere on your property. So if you have a problem with birds and you live in NY, NJ or CT, be sure to give them a call. If you need their services, dial 732-558-2464 and see for yourself just how effective Birds Beware Inc. is at solving your bird problems.