Canada Goose Harassment Services in NJ, NY & CT

To many people, the idea of Canada goose harassment sounds more like the punchline in a comedy flick than a serious problem throughout states like NY (New York), NJ (New Jersey) and Connecticut (CT); in reality, Canada goose flocks pare packed with aggressive animals that cause many injuries in the United States every year. They are known for attacking pets, children and even adults. The risk factors are serious enough that property owners across the region should give serious consideration to control techniques to stave off invasions from these pests. Not only are they prone to aggression, but they can also bring disease to your property that can sicken your family and your house pets.

Control Services

Luckily, it is possible for experts to deter long-term invasions of your property by these and other pests. For over twenty years, Birds Beware has helped local commercial and residential clients with our world-class bird control and deterrent solutions. We pride ourselves not only on fast and effective service, but we are also incredibly thorough and ensure that any other Canada geese that could potentially occupy your property are deterred from further harassment.

Specializing in a wide variety of different buildings and architectural styles, we’ve served both contemporary and heritage sites and both residential and commercial locations. Our experts are trained to survey your situation in order to apply the best control methods possible for your specific case.

Is your landscape management agency looking to remove these and other birds from a golf course, office complex or public venue? Worry not! We’ve got the situation under control. Because children and the elderly frequently visit places like playgrounds and outdoor areas, it is important that you minimize risk by removing aggressive geese from the property as quickly as possible. According to surveys performed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, over one hundred attacks by the Canada goose occur every year. In NY, most Canada goose attacks are reported during the Spring. Likewise, in NJ and CT, most violent incidents happen during the nesting season in April through June, when these animals are at their most aggressive, overprotective of their young. When they encroach on public and private land, attacks and harassment are known to occur regularly.

Another risk factor is the fact that these animals are known to be carriers of potentially serious illnesses. Contact with their feces can give you diarrhea or worse, assuming you face prolonged exposure. Noise deterrents, barriers and other methods are used to protect bodies of water from fouling, as fecal matter from these animals regularly builds up, doing damage to property as well as exposing anyone visiting the area to a host of different diseases. Other than all of that, they’re just annoying! With loud and intrusive honks, you’re lucky if you’ll get a full night’s rest when they start calling in the morning. The good thing is, you don’t have to tolerate these annoying neighbors of ours from the North. With the help of our team of experts, we’ll have the situation under control quickly, and you’ll benefit from peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to deal with being harassed by another. Choose one of the only providers in the area with a guarantee of top-shelf service. With more than 20 years in the industry, we’re up to the challenge of clearing these pests out of your home or business.