Canada goose Egg Addling in NJ

The Canada Goose has become an invasive pest in the Northeastern US. Due to laws protecting this species from hunting, they multiply in alarming rates. Many options are available to slow the reproduction of these large, notoriously aggressive birds. One of these programs is referred to as Canada Goose Egg Addling. This process involves removing the egg from the nest, terminating the development of the embryo, and returning the egg to the nest without the mother goose becoming suspicious. This process is not cost-efficient, however it is proving effective. As long as the egg is in the nest, the female will not lay any more eggs.

Don’t Ya Know, They’re Pretty Smart birds, eh?

Canada goose Egg Addling is only effective if the Goose does not know the egg has been tampered with. They cannot have the smell of human hands, they cannot look any different, and they must of course, remain intact. This requires professionals, and should not be attempted by anyone at home. One method that has proven worthy is Egg Addling with corn oil. This suffocates the egg and the embryo cannot receive life giving oxygen. If the bird is even suspicious her precious cargo has been altered, she will abandon or destroy the eggs, and breed again. This is why this method is very time consuming and costly.

That Angry Baby-Daddy

Canada Goose Egg Addling is no easy endeavor. The parents are fiercely protective of their nest and clutch; mom sits on her eggs, while dad guards the perimeter with his very life. Imagine, if you will, a professional confidently walking up to a vey large goose nest to take eggs from a pair of geese that are naturally aggressive, extremely territorial, and the compounding factor of parenthood. Not exactly the precursor to a fun evening. This is precisely why it should only be attempted by authorized professionals.

Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake that Goose-y

Another method of Egg Addling is shaking the egg. It must be a newly laid egg, so that it is not developed at all. The specialist will sneak in and somehow snag an egg, vigorously shake it for up to twenty minutes until the egg liquifies. This stops development immediately. NY, NJ, and CT residents can call a specialized bird removal team such as Birds and Geese Beware, Inc. that serve the tri-state area on a daily basis regarding these matters.

Eggstreme piercings

Another method used in NY, NJ, and CT requires extensive training and knowledge of egg development. This method of Egg Addling is commonly referred to as piercing. This procedure is not as commonly used but it is practiced. The egg is examined to see what stage of development it is in, because the egg must be in the earliest phase. At that time the shell is pierced which allows air and bacteria into the embryotic sac which will cease development.

Keeping up with the Canadians

Most people experiencing an invasion of intrusive birds like the Canada Goose, just want the procreation to slow down. The population will only keep multiplying in large numbers if some measures are not taken to keep the numbers down. Each clutch is from four to six eggs, and each female will continue to lay eggs as soon as her young leave the nest, and it is breeding season again. The Canada goose is no longer endangered, so residential nonmigratory birds are making homes out of our front lawns, airports, and public parks. There are experienced Addling experts to help control the population, and eradicate your bird problem. Friendly and helpful specialists are anxiously waiting to help you in the tri-state area!