Canada goose Control & Removal in NJ, NY, or CT

If you live in NJ, NY or CT and are having Canada goose problems, we can help with a wide range of deterrents. We can custom build and install bird wires, bird netting, bird shock tracks, and bird spikes as well as some other clever methods for Canada goose control applications. Commercial building owners like strip malls and big-box stores are a natural attraction for Canada goose because of their natural instinct for available food sources.

There are a lot of people in these areas who feed the goose and the goose will gather at food sources. We have solutions for goose infestations with trained professionals who can access your unique situation and we provide free estimates. Call us now at our office (732) 671-6377 or (732) 558-2464 mobile phone.

Canada Goose Infestations

Goose infestations create problems for business owners and are a very common site during migration. These birds fly in a V-shaped of signature delta formation to reduce air resistance. During the flight, they often stop to find food and bodies of water. While they’re beautiful to look at, they create problems for large stores and flocks of goose are known as gangs. The Canada goose is not dangerous; however, they can be a major nuisance and below are a few common problems associated with an infestation.

Problems Goose Cause Business Owners

Feces: Goose poop is very slimy and slick with a mud-like area coating the ground close to their nests. Goose feces can damage landscape, flowers, plants, and be a potential for a personal injury claim if a customer slips on your property and gets injured.

Noise: The goose has a very loud honk and is amplified when in large gangs. This sound is obnoxious and not easily blocked out. This can cause your customers to do business at a competitor’s store; therefore, losing money and repeat business.

Damage: If you have expensive landscape around your commercial property, goose feces will destroy grass, flowers, and plants. Having a location that is ascetically beautiful is an investment for repeat business and goose can ruin that in a timely fashion.

Aggression: The goose is not dangerous; however, they will chase your customers or anyone who gets too close to their nests. Goose will chase children and try to steal their food. This can cause a major problem for a business owner as a parent will not subject their child to that environment again and you will lose customers one at a time.

Can You Scare a Goose Away?

A goose that is nesting will not let you approach them and they tend to be aggressive. They do not like loud or sudden noise as it indicates danger to them. You can try loud air horns, firecrackers, or anything that is loud and sudden. This may be enough to drive them away, but if you’re still having problems, call us today and we’ll send someone over who can help you get rid of them.

The Canada goose loves a stable environment and aforementioned noises will scare them away before they start to nest. Be advised, if a goose is already nesting, the male will confront you while the mother flees to the water with her chicks and this makes it hard to trap them.

Hiring Professional Canada Goose Control Services

There was a time where the goose had become endangered because of hunting and now their population has returned to healthy numbers. There are a lot of states that still have laws that limit or prohibit trapping goose. If you live in NJ, NY, or CT, you should contact a professional Canada goose control service. We are the best wildlife control service in the Tri-State area with over 20 years of experience.

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