Canada geese Control or Removal Solutions in Wall Township, New Jersey

In flight Canada geese are among the most majestic sights to behold. On the ground, they may not appear as regal, but they are still quite impressive with their large size, black necks and striking white cheeks. Birds and Geese Beware, Inc. specialize in humanely controlling populations of geese. 

In recent decades Canada geese successfully expanded across much of the United States, especially the northeast and specifically NJ. Their populations exploded and many Canada geese became less inclined to migrate. Therefore, birds that typically would only have a seasonal presence now may never leave.

” What does that matter?” you wonder. A Canada goose can prove a hazard and a nuisance in several ways. In urban areas of Wall, NJ, for example, Canada geese may interfere with aircraft and airport day-to-day functions.

Canada geese gather in rather large flocks. Their voracious appetites and resulting droppings can deface pastures, fields and golf courses. Geese waste is an eyesore and can cause bacterial contamination of ponds and similar bodies of water around a senior living community or a public park.

When they are not flocking and feeding, Canada geese generally pair and guard a nest of 2 to 12 eggs or goslings for several weeks. Parent geese will attack anyone they consider a threat and their aggression can be very traumatizing. Children and elderly people are particularly vulnerable to physical harm from these birds.

Even if people view Canada geese as obnoxious, few condone mass extermination or inhumane treatment as acceptable measures to deal with wild birds. Moreover, killing flocks of geese have not proven effective in reducing their numbers.

Humane methods of Canada geese control and removal include harassment, herding, and hazing, and are extremely effective in the hands of professionals. Experts at companies like Birds and Geese Beware Inc haze or harass Canada geese with the use of trained dogs, lasers or electrical pulses. They also counsel landowners on environmental modification. Finally, they may exercise Canada geese control by limiting population growth through egg addling or nest destruction.

How We Can Protect Your Senior Living Community from geese in Wall Township, NJ

Canada geese residing around a senior living community pose particular health threats. Exposure to bird droppings can lead to extreme illness in immune-compromised people. The elderly are not equipped to handle bacterial and parasitic invasion from accidental exposure to geese feces.

Seniors often do not have the physical strength to handle an aggressive assault by a Canada goose. Such an attack can lead to falls or severe bruising of the compromised skin. While a senior living community in Wall and other areas may not desire the destruction of entire flocks of Canada geese, it clearly needs intervention to disperse overwhelming numbers of birds.

Harassment by trained dogs is by far one of the most effective means of Canada geese control. The methodology used by Birds and Geese Beware Inc leaves no doubt in a goose’s mind that a dog means business. A large contributing factor to the effectiveness of border collie herding is the innate fear Canada geese have of canids(i.e. foxes and coyotes).

Professional companies use humane and nonlethal means to control Canada geese. Their goals are to disrupt natural behaviors like nesting, mating, roosting and foraging, to encourage geese to find alternative places of residence. They accomplish this without physical detriment to any geese.

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